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Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 10


Papers in Syntax

Gülşat Aygen
T-to-C and overt marking of Counterfactuals:  syntactic and semantic implications

Manuela Gonzaga
The structure of DP in European Portuguese – evidence from adjectives and possessives

Hironubi Kasai
The emergence of a phrase

Takaomi Kato
Inaudible pre-spell-out movement

Grace Ge-Soon Moon
Imperative semantics and the subject-addressee relationship in the English imperative

Balkız Öztürk
Case, referentiality and non-configurationality

Papers in Historical Linguistics

Daniel Lassiter
Distinguishing two Greek particles of “emphasis”:  de: and the:n in the poetry of Theocritus

Santeri Palviainen
The Development of the Nominative Singular of the ja-stem Masculine Nouns in Gothic




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