Course Staff

The course staff can be reached collectively at

Email Phone Office Hours Location
Michael Mitzenmacher michaelm@eecs 496-7172 TBD and by appointment MD 331
Teaching Fellows
Christian Anderson canderson@college Tues 8pm - 10pm Lowell Dining Hall
Marianna Mao mmao@college Tues 9pm - 11pm Lowell Dining Hall
Jiayang Jiang jiayangjiang@fas Mon 2pm - 4pm Maxwell Dworkin 138
Vikram Nathan vnathan@college Mon 8pm - 10pm Science Center B-14
Han He han.he@college Sun 7pm - 9pm Lowell Dining Hall
Joy Zheng shijiezheng@college Tues 10pm - midnight Lowell Dining Hall
Madalina Persu epersu@college Tues 7pm - 9pm Currier Dining Hall

Sections (now up to date)

Sun 4pm - 5pm Maxwell Dworkin, Room 323
Mon 4pm - 5pm MD 119
Tues 5pm - 6pm Northwest B150 See directions below
Wed 8:45pm - 9:40pm 1 Story St., Room 302 Videotaped for extension school.

How to get to B150:

From the main entrance, go downstairs and turn left after the stairs. You should see a sign that says "B127 - B145," but keep going anyway because they're lying. Go all the way through the door at the end that says "School of Engineering and Applied Sciences," and then a sign will direct you to B150.