Course Staff

The course staff can be reached collectively at

Email Phone Office Hours Location
Michael Mitzenmacher michaelm@eecs 496-7172 TBD and by appointment MD 331
Teaching Fellows
John Gee jgee@college Weds 8pm - 10pm Quincy Dining Hall
Hirsh Jain hirshjain@college Thur 10pm - 12am Currier Dining Hall
Jimmy Jiang jiang01@college Thur 10pm - 12am Quincy Dining Hall
Jonah Kallenbach kallenbach@college Weds 9pm - 11pm Currier Dining Hall
George Qi georgeqi@college Weds 10pm - 12am Quincy Dining Hall
Matt Rauen rauen@college Tues 10pm - 12am Leverett Dining Hall
Haoqing Wang haoqingwang@college Thur 10pm - 12am Quincy Dining Hall
Tiffany Wu haotianwu@college Thur 8pm - 10pm Winthrop Dining Hall
Isaac Xia isaacxia@college Tues 8pm - 10pm Leverett Dining Hall
Evan Yao yuanfanyao@college Mon 9pm - 11pm Quincy Dining Hall
Morris Yau morrisyau@college Weds 10pm - 12am Quincy Dining Hall
Cecilia Zhou zilingzhou@college Tues 3pm - 5pm Lowell Dining Hall

Sections (now up to date)

Mon 4pm - 5pm Science Center 109
Tues 3pm - 4pm Science Center 216
Tues 7:40pm - 8:40pm 1 Story Street, Room 303 Extension Section
Weds 3pm - 4pm NW B166
Weds 4pm - 5pm Cruft 309
Weds 5pm - 6pm Cruft 309
Weds 7pm - 8pm MD 221