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Undergraduate Program -
Science and Society Track - Focus in Mind, Brain, and Behavior


The Focus in Mind, Brain, and Behavior offered within the Science and Society Track of the History and Science concentration aims to facilitate cross-fertilization across the neurosciences and the social sciences by offering students an opportunity to integrate serious study of the brain with thoughtful attention to the sociocultural contact and "real world" questions raised by its study.  The primary focus is on training scientifically-literate social scientists, but it will also appeal to students considering future careers in medicine or in the brain and behavioral sciences who would like to establish a broader framework for their future inquiries and practice.  Students successfully completing the MBB focus will receive their degree in History and Science and a Certificate in Neuroscience/MBB from the Standing Committee on Neuroscience.

To graduate with a focus in MBB in History and Science, students need to take MCB 80 and three other science courses in a single field (eg., neurobiology, educational psychology); and five courses in a single historical or sociocultural area (eg., physical anthropology, history of medicine in Africa).  One additional half-course (Science of Living Systems 20, Science B-62 or Science B-29) is required for the MBB/Neuroscience Certificate, and students are also required to take a non-credit MBB seminar.  More information may be found in the Guide to Mind, Brain, and Behavior.





Undergraduate Program