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Naomi Oreskes Wows Her Audience @ TED

Congrats to Our 2014 Grads...all 16 of them!

Front Row (Left to Right): Jeremy Blatter, Marco Viniegra, He Bian, Stephanie Dick, Melissa Lo, Kuang-Chi Huang, Anouska Bhattacharyya, Mateo Munoz, Sandra Korn
Back Row: Scott Phelps, Latif Nasser, David Theodore, Myrna Perez Sheldon, Funke Sangodeyi, James Bergman, Linna Duan


Hob-knobbing with the Glitterati

Prof. Evelynn Hammonds escorts Honorary Degree Recipient Aretha Franklin to the stage during Harvard Commencement 2014.
Photo by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer


Oreskes Joins Vatican Environmental Summit











As outlined in a recent NYTimes article, Professor Naomi Oreskes was among a group of scientists who recently met with Pope Francis in Rome to discuss issues of planetary ecology, and it links to humanitarian crisis throughout the world.

Conference Celebrating 400th Galileo Anniversary

Heavenly Imperfection:
Galileo's Discovery of Sunspots

Held on October 4, 2013

Download a copy of the conference agenda.

View conference footage online here.

Coverage of this event in The Harvard Gazette.



Isaacson Delivers 2013 Rothschild

Renowned biographer Walter Isaacson addressed
an avid audience, including Harvard President
Drew Faust, delivering the 2013 Robert and Maurine Rothschild Lecture, The Genius of Jobs, Einstein, & Franklin, Monday, April 9.

View the lecture online here.







Department Calendar



August 2014

Dangerous Trends...

Naomi Oreskes' posits not-so-fictional danger in current
climate change for the Harvard Gazette.

July 2014

Janet Browne to Deliver Inaugural Oration in Australia

May 2014

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March 5, 2014

Gone, but not...

Prof. Sophia Roosth discussed issues of "de-extinction," and her forthcoming book at a Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study lecture.

February 14, 2014

Science & Politics Out of Step

The Harvard Gazette recently covered Prof. Naomi Oreskes, other academics & journalists participating in a panel discussion at the Kennedy School tackling issues around current climate science vs. climate politics.

SECRECY and other matters...

Peter Galison interviewed in the Winter 2014 issue of the journal Public Culture.