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Workshop Series, "No End of Wonders,"
Celebrates the Unique Scholarship and
Collegiality of Prof. Katharine Park

Katharine Park's career as scholar and teacher has been distinguished by daring, dedication, and an unfettered imagination for topics and approaches that are new, rare, and unusual. From her earliest work on the social history of Renaissance medicine to her ongoing researches on gender, sexuality, and the body in medieval and early modern Italy, she has reconfigured narratives of the history of hospitals, anatomy, and illness in this period and pioneered the uses of innovative sources, both textual and visual. On the occasion of her retirement, her colleagues and students gathered to pay tribute to a remarkable career in learning and to celebrate Katy's enlivening influence on all she has touched.

(Pictured above, L to R: Allyssa Metzger, Noam Andrews, Sarah Richardson, Florin-Stefan Morar, Cara Kiernan-Fallon, Paolo Savoia, Yan Liu, Deirdre Moore)

Announcing the Arrival of
Synthesis, Issue No. 6...

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June 2015...

Prof. Naomi Oreskes use of historical scholarship to take on climate change deniers is outlined in the New York Times.

April 2015

Climate Summit Comes to Harvard

Prof. Naomi Oreskes will be among the panelists participating in a discussion (April 13, 4pm, Sanders Theater) of how institutions of higher learning can dedicate resources to combatting climate change today.

March 2015...

And the answer is, "What is CHSI?"

Tuesday, March 31st at 7:30pm, EST, the popular quiz show JEOPARDY! will air a show during which a whole category will be dedicated to instruments from the CHSI collection. How many right answers (or rather questions!) will you get?