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Puppets & Pangaea: Celebrating a
Scientific Outsider

A brief New York Times online op-ed (including narration by Prof. Naomi Oreskes) acknowledges Alfred Wegener, astronomer and inveterate explorer. Despite having no professional standing in geology, Wegener revolutionized the field via his theory of continental drift.

Documentary Film Explores Repercussions of Human Genomic Sequencing

On Wednesday, February 4, Profs. Evelynn Hammonds and Peter Galison were among the panelists discussing DNA Dreams, a documentary by Dutch filmmaker Bregtje van der Haak. The forum follows a screening of the film sponsored by the Project on Race & Gender in Science & Medicine, part of Hutchins Center for African & African American Research.

Prof. Steven Shapin Awarded the 2014 Sarton Medal

Steven Shapin, Franklin L. Ford Research Professor of the History of Science, has been awarded the 2014 Sarton Medal by the History
of Science Society
, honoring his rich and varied scholarly achievements in the field.

Download the full award citation here, and
the text Prof. Shapin's acceptance speech here.

Naomi Oreskes to Receive
American Historical Association Award

Prof. Naomi Oreskes will be receive the 2014 Herbert Feis Award for Distinguished Contributions in Public History from the American Historical Association.

The prize will be awarded at the AHA annual meeting
in New York City in January, 2015

Walter Isaacson Examines Digital History

Renowned biographer Walter Isaacson mentions the CHSI's recent enhancements to the Harvard Mark 1 exhibit in an interview with the Harvard Gazette, October 1, 2014.

Isaacson addressed an avid audience at Harvard on April 9, 2013, including Harvard President Drew Faust, delivering the Robert and Maurine Rothschild Lecture,
The Genius of Jobs, Einstein, & Franklin.

View the lecture online here.


Naomi Oreskes Wows Her Audience @ TED

Congrats to Our 2014 Grads...all 16 of them!

Front Row (Left to Right): Jeremy Blatter, Marco Viniegra, He Bian, Stephanie Dick, Melissa Lo, Kuang-Chi Huang, Anouska Bhattacharyya, Mateo Munoz, Sandra Korn. Back Row: Scott Phelps, Latif Nasser, David Theodore, Myrna Perez Sheldon, Funke Sangodeyi, James Bergman, Linna Duan


Conference Celebrating 400th Galileo Anniversary

Heavenly Imperfection:
Galileo's Discovery of Sunspots

Held on October 4, 2013

Download a copy of the conference agenda.

View conference footage online here.

Coverage of this event in The Harvard Gazette.







Department Calendar


December 2014

"Epidemics are Optional"

Profs. Evelynn Hammonds, David Jones, and Ahmed Ragab parti-cipated in a recent Harvard-sponsored public forum on Ebola at First Parish in Cambridge.

October 2014

Putting Off the (Not Quite) Inevitable

Prof. Sarah S. Richardson and her co-authors discuss the repercussions of human egg freezing at

No Half-life:
My Atomic Origins

HS Grad Andrew Lea discusses growing up at a "node of the Manhattan Project" in October
HSS newsletter article.

August 2014

Hammonds to serve on
White House commission

President Obama appoints Evelynn Hammonds to advisory commission on education.

Dangerous Trends...

Naomi Oreskes' posits not-so-fictional danger in current
climate change for the Harvard Gazette.

Scott Podolsky Holds Forth on Medical History

Department affiliate Dr. Podolsky speaks in the Boston Globe about the history of antibody therapies in light of the recent ebola crisis.

July 2014

Janet Browne to Deliver Inaugural Oration in Australia

May 2014

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