Graduate Students

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Name, Prior Degrees, and Research Interests

Joelle M. Abi-Rached, M.Sc., London School of Economics; M.D., American University of Beirut

History of medicine; History of the brain/mind sciences ('psy' and 'neuro' sciences); Madness and insanity; (Post) Colonial Psychiatry; Memory science; Memory and Trauma; Memory politics; Post-war discourses; War and Medicine; History of the modern middle east/near east; Ethics; Epistemology; Historiography; Philosophy of History; Political Philosophy; Global Health; Identity politics

Leena Mehreen Akhtar, BA, Carnegie Mellon University; MA, University of London; Adv. Cert., New York University

Noam Andrews, MRes., The London Consortium; RIBA Part 3 (Postgraduate Diploma); AA Diploma, Architectural Association; B.F.A., Cornell University

The development of visual and material cultures within science, including the role of models/instruments/inscriptions/graphical systems in the visualization of scientific research, the emergence of spatial paradigms, and the reciprocal relationship between literature and the scientific imaginary.


Tal Arbel, M.A., Tel Aviv University


Leah Aronowsky, BA, Wesleyan

Historiography of medical technology; imaging technologies and visual analysis.


Katie (Ericksen) Baca, A.B., Harvard

Women's engagements with 19th century science; early evolutionary theories.

Jerome Baudry

Frank Blibo, ThM, University of Edinburgh; MTS, Harvard Divinity School

Frank's research interests include the history of medicine and diseases especially pathologies of progress such as cancer (especially cancer without oncology) and cardiovascular diseases in West African history; the history of open-heart surgery and other cardiac procedures in East, West, and South Africa; and the ethical and cultural issues raised by progress made in science and medicine in African history.


Margarita Boenig-Liptsin

Stephanie Dick, B.A., University of King's College
M.A., University of Toronto

History of mathematics and computer science, their interfaces, material culture, and practices in the 19th through 21st centuries.


Connemara Doran, A.M., Harvard University; A.B., Harvard University

Connemara’s dissertation examines the question of the shape of space, from Poincare’s mathematics and Einstein’s general relativity to relativistic cosmology and the WMAP.  Research interests:  history and philosophy of modern physics and mathematics; astronomy and cosmology; energy resources; visualization practices; mathematical invention. 



Cara Kiernan Fallon

Megan Formato, B.A., Amherst College

20th c. physics; Niels Bohr and the Bohr atomic model; science as a literary practice; relations between literature and science.

Ardeta Gjkola

Danielle Hallet, BA, MA, University of British Columbia

History of science journalism


Emily Harrison, M.Sc., Harvard Univ.School of Public Health; AB, Harvard College

Emily Harrison works on modern public health and medicine in the global context. Themes include chronic disease, health and development, and caregiving.


Lisa Haushofer, MD, University of Witten-Herdecke; MA, University College London

History of health foods and medicinal foods, History of Medicine and Public Health, Food Studies, History of Consumption and Advertising, History of the Life Sciences.


Kathryn Heintzman, BAH, MA, Queen's College

History of psychiatry; history of race/gender/sexuality


Devin Kennedy, A.B., Princeton

History of Computing and Information Technology; Media studies; Visual and Material Cultures of Science


Colleen Lanier Christensen, A.B., University of Chicago

Colleen's work examines the social and scientific history of U.S. chemical regulation, focusing on the processes by which environmental health science is produced and contested and the role private entities play in shaping regulatory science and chemical policy.


Yu Lei, University of California, Berkeley

History of environment; History of energy
technologies: Yu Lei is doing research in discovering
Beijing smog


Yan Liu

Yan Liu is a fourth-year PhD student in the History of
Science department at Harvard University. He studies
the history of Chinese medicine in the Middle Ages. He
is particularly interested in religious healing, the history of emotions, and the exchange of medical knowledge between China and the West. His dissertation examinesthe evolution of pharmacology in China from the 5th tothe 10th century, with a focus on the use of poisons (du) as therapeutic agents.


Wythe Marschall,B.A., Bennington College; M.F.A., Brooklyn College

History of medicine; science and science fiction; biomedical ethics and advertising; synthetic biology and futurism; bioart.


Allyssa Metzger, BA, College of New Jersey; MA, Northeastern

Medieval Arabic and Latin philosophy and science, particularly astronomy/astrology in Iberia


Ion G. Mihailescu, B.A., Columbia University

History of physics (particularly theoretical high-energy physics), early modern history and popularization of science.


Deirdre Moore, BA, Dalhousie University

Deirdre Moore is interested in the relation between the soul and the body in late antiquity.

Florin-Stefan Morar

Evgeny Morozov, BA, American University in Bulgaria

The irreducible materiality and the cultural mentalities of technological change, particularly as seen in his object of choice, the internet.


Jacob Moses, A.B., Vassar

Biomedical ethics; history of biotechnology; synthetic biology, regulation of science; digital & theatrical production.


Elias Nelson, BA, Shimer College

History of physics, the relationship between science and religion, and the relationship between the science and humanities disciplines


Yvan Prkachin, BA, University of Northern British Columbia; MA, University of Guelph

The Canadian neuroscientist Donald Hebb and the origins of the field of “physiological neuroscience”


Christina Ramos, B.A. University of California, Davis
M.A., Duke Universit

Early modern medicine; gender and the body; history of the book.


Miriam Rich, BA, Swarthmore

Social and cultural history of medicine in
the U.S. as it relates to gender and race


Ángel Rodriguez, B.A., M.A, University of California Santa Barbara

Through a modern historical study of medical science, particularly the relationship and forms of authority, objectivity, conquest, and social justice as they are represented through attitudes and beliefs of traveling doctors, Ángel seeks to deconstruct ways knowledge is created about larger underdeveloped regions and areas of the global south.


Paolo Savoia, University of Bologna,
University of Pisa

History of European Renaissance Medicine; Social and Cultural History of Sixteenth-Century Surgery and Anatomy; History of Medieval and Early Modern Dietetics; Historical Epistemology.


Laura Lee Schmidt

Social history of labor; history of technology; positivism in science; natural philosophy; history of physics; Postwar development and progress narratives; modern Middle Eastern history; Islamic and Baroque art and architecture; Marxism; history of the Left; poetry


Jenna Tonn

Jennifer van der Grinten

History of medicine and the body, especially dermatology, psychology, and biophysics. Focus on the work of Wilhem Reich, bioelectricity, and the physiology of orgasm.


Daniel McAllister Volmar, B.A., University of California, Berkeley

History and philosophy of science, relationship between mathematics and physics.


Gili Vidan, B.A., Harvard College

Gili's research interests lie at the intersection of technology, information, and international relations theory. At Harvard she is hoping to employ STS analytical frameworks and study the development of information technologies as sites of governance, in particular the field of cybersecurity.

Oriana Katharine Noor Walker, B.A., Reed College

Leah Xue, B.A., Harvard College

Leah is interested in theorizing and thinking about the practices of Mathematics, the history of Silicon Valley, and how all of that is reflected and refracted in the unreal landscapes of science fictional texts.


Anna Yermakova, B.Sc., Northwestern; M.Sc., Oxford