Faculty Research Interests

Allan M. Brandt
History of American medicine and science; health and public policy; medical ethics

Janet Browne
History of biology and natural history; Darwin and evolutionism; travel and exploration; scientific biography.

Alex Csiszar
History and sociology of communication in the sciences, 18th-20th centuries; history of books, media, and information management; intellectual property; peer review; 19th-century physical sciences; history of philosophy of science.

Peter L. Galison
History of the modern physical sciences. Philosophy and physics in the 20th century. The relation between science and representation, war, secrecy, material culture, and the environment. Filming science

Owen Gingerich
Astronomy; antiquity to Renaissance and modern; instruments; astrology; Copernicus; Kepler; Tycho; Galileo; Ptolemy; Shapley.

Evelynn Hammonds
History of American science and medicine; race and gender in science, medicine, and public health; medical technologies; African American history

Anne Harrington
History of psychology and the brain sciences, 18th through 20th centuries

Gerald Holton
Physics, 19th- through the early 20-th century; contemporary science and technology; social and humanistic relations of science; philosophy of science; thematic analysis; history of science in education; nationalized science.

David S. Jones
History of medicine, especially the history of therapeutics; medical ethics and health policy; medical humanities; global health.

Rebecca Lemov
History of the human and social sciences; universal data-gathering projects in the Twentieth Century, social and self-experimentation; coercive interrogation techniques; brainwashing.

Everett I. Mendelsohn
History of the biological sciences; sociological history of science; development of physiology in the 19th century and its relationship to the physical sciences; comparative institutionalization of science within Europe and non-European societies

Naomi Oreskes
Earth and environmental sciences, with a particular interest in understanding scientific consensus and dissent.

Katherine Park
History of science in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance; history of medicine and the life sciences; history of gender, sexuality, and the body

Sophia Roosth
20th and 21st century life sciences; history and anthropology of biotechnology and bioengineering; science, technology, and society; ethnographic methods; sensory studies

Charles E. Rosenberg
History of medicine and disease in the 19th and 20th centuries

Sarah Richardson
Race and gender in the biosciences; social dimensions of scientific knowledge; history of molecular biology and genetics, philosophy of science, science and technology studies, and feminist science studies. Current focus on history of human sexchromosome genetics

Steven Shapin
Sociology of scientific knowledge; early modern science; the social role of the scientist in 20th- and 21st-century America; science and entrepreneurship; the history and sociology of dietetics.