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History of Twentieth-Century Physics

January 29, 1998

Jimena Canales, Michela Gordin, Kenji Ito, Jeremiah James, Edward Jones-Imhotep, and Theresa Levitt with Peter Galison

Introduction: General Works

Part I: 19th Century Physical Sciences

1-1 German System of the 19th Century Physical Sciences
1-2: From Kelvin to Maxwell
1-3: Others

Part II: Relativity and Cosmology

2-1: Genesis and Reception of Special Relativity
2-2: General Relativity and Cosmology

Part III: Quantum Theory

3-1: Early Quantum Theory
3-2: Quantum Mechanics: Its Genesis of Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Interpretation, and Uncertainty Relation
3-3: Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Complementarity, "Copenhagen Spirit'' and Bohr-Einstein Debate
3-4 Physical Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry
3-5: Condensed Matter Physics
3-6: Quantum Electrodynamics and Quantum Field Theory

Part IV: Physical Sciences Communities in Prewar and Wartime Societies

4-1: Germany and Britain: Forman Thesis and the Reception of Quantum Mechanics
4-2: Germany and Russia: Physics and Ideologies
4-3. Physical Sciences in the United States: New Physics and Politics of Science

Part V: Physical Sciences and the War

5-1: Development of Atomic Bomb and the Decision to Built the Hydrogen Bomb in the United States

Part VII Physical Sciences after the War

6-1: Big Science, Military Connection and Nuclear Fear
6-2: High-Energy Physics after the War


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