Past Graduate Workshops


December 4 2007
David Motadel
Islam in Germany, 1918-1945: A General Research Outline

February 26 2008
Sergio Silva-Castaneda
Far Away So Close: Mexico and Spain in the Second Part of the 20th Century

March 4 2008
Daniela Cammack
Karl Marx and the French Revolution

March 11 2008
Tariq Ali
Shifts in Economic Thinking in India, 1870s-1920s

March 18 2008
Dinyar Patel
Politics of the Construction of British-built New Delhi

April 1 2008
Shirley Ye
Business, Water, and the Global City: Hanseatic and Chinese Merchant Networks, 1829-1940

April 8 2008
David Singerman
“Any ass can manage a sugar factory”: Labor and the meaning of chemical control

April 15 2008
Julia Stephens
Mughal Prosperity and Colonial Decline: the Politics of Memory in British India

October 9 2008
Emile Chabal (University of Cambridge)
Rewriting Jacobinism: François Furet and the French Revolution

November 13 2008
Rohit De (Princeton University)
Emasculating the Executive: Judicial Activism and Civil Liberties in Late Colonial India

November 20 2008
Philipp Lehmann
Germans in the Sandbox: the Colonial Encounter with the Southwest African Desert

December 11 2008
Angus Burgin
The Colloque Lippmann and the Origins of Neoliberalism

February 24 2009
Rowan Dorin
Failure to Launch: Savonese Trade in the Mediterranean, 1100-1250

March 10 2009
Heidi Evans
The Production of News: Germany, Modernity and the Global News Cartel, 1900-1931

April 2 2009
David Singerman
Keynes's Genetics and the Ethical Life

April 7 2009
Jennifer Thomson
'We Are the Burning Rage of this Dying Planet': The Earth Liberation Front and American Environmentalism

April 28 2009
Ekin Tusalp
Poetry, Diplomacy and the Languages of Political Conduct in Ottoman Society: The Story of Rami Mehmed Efendi (1654-1708)

October 27 2009
Josh Specht
A Failure to Prohibit: New York City's Underground 'Bob' Veal Trade

November 17 2009
Liora Halperin (UCLA)
Buying Babel: Language and the Jewish Commercial Sphere of Mandatory Palestine

December 8 2009
Melissa Teixeira
Moving towards Europe: An analysis of the Estado Novo regime’s approach to Portuguese emigration in the 1960s

February 16 2010
Josh Segal
Reparations Are Due: Sovereignty, Debt, and Memory in Haiti

March 2 2010
Rowan Dorin
Tolls and Triumphs: Strategic Taxation and the Expansion of Empire in the Late Roman Republic

March 30 2010
Elisa Minoff
Litigating the Right to Move: Migrants, Social Workers, and Lawyers in Shapiro v. Thompson(1969)

April 13 2010
Maya Peterson  
Negotiating Empire in the Land of Seven Rivers: Environmental Change and Social Conflict in Russia's Central Asian Borderland, 1905-1917

April 27 2010
Silke Martini
Rising Asia: The Transnational Intellectual Discourse on the Future of India and China, ca. 1919-1939

October 12 2010
Philippa Hetherington
Victims of the Social Temperament: Prostitution, Migration and the Traffic in Women in Imperial Russia, 1890 - 1917

November 2 2010
Joshua Specht
The Consolidation of a National Beef Industry, 1880-1910

November 9 2010
Elizabeth Cross
The Myth of the Foreign Enemy: the Brunswick Manifesto and the radicalization of the French Revolution

November 30 2010
Ben Siegel
Two Blades of Grass: Henry Mann and the Birth of Agricultural Development in British India

December 7 2010
Niko Bowie
Czars and Strikes Forever: The Dispute over the Idea of Corporate Government before and during the 1894 Pullman Strike

December 14 2010
Caroline Spence
National Pride and Universal Values: British and French Abolitionism in Comparative Context

February 8 2011
Jeremy Zallen  
Staging Lights: Dreams, Machines, and the Spatial History of Electric Illumination

February 15 2011
Philipp Lehmann
Polish Steppes and German Gardens: Desertification in the Nazi Plans for Environmental Transformation in the East

February 22 2011 
Carla Heelan 
Radicalism, Institutions, and Space in Vormärz German

March 8 2011 
Carolin Roeder
Of Pigs and Politics: The Heydays of the Serbian Hog

March 22 2011
Kristen Loveland
Disabled Embryos and Humanness: Shifting Categories in the German Contergan Trial, 1968-1970

March 29 2011
Mircea Raianu
Of Plains and Hills: Landscape and Labor in Late Colonial Punjab 

April 12 2011
Eli Cook 
Statistically Significant: Economic Indicators and the Planning of American Capitalism, 1840-1940

April 19 2011
Greg Afinogenov
Andrei Ershov and the Soviet Information Age

April 26 2011
Sara Damiano
'To Well and Truly Administer': Female Administrators and Estate Settlement in Eighteenth-Century Newport, RI

May 3 2011
Julie Stephens 
Ritual and Reason: Debating Ijtihad in Colonial India

September 27 2011
Shane Bobrycki
The Contio from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

October 18 2011
Caitlin Rosenthal
The Handwriting of the Visible Hand: Accounting for Coordination in American Factories, 1800-1850

November 8 2011
Eli Cook
The Wealth of a Nation: Economic Indicators in Early America

November 15 2011
James Martin
Paul Tillich and the Vision of a Religious Socialist Future for Postwar Germany

November 29 2011
Kristen Loveland
The Ethics of Future Reproduction: Emerging Debates on New Reproductive Technologies and their Regulation in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945 - 2010

December 6 2011
Carla Heelan

February 7 2012
Matthew Kustenbauder
Utopian Visions: South African Cosmopolitans in an Imperial World, 1880-1948

February 21 2012
Elizabeth Cross
The Political Economy of the Terror: The Compagnie des Indes and Foreign Commerce in the French Revolution

March 6 2012
Jason Jackson
The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment: Constructing Business Interests and Policy Preferences in Post-War India and Brazil

March 20 2012
Heidi Tworek
Darf Nichts Bringen: Nazi News at Home and Abroad, 1934-1945

April 3 2012
Benjamin Weber
Force and Fraud: Arbitrary Power in Workers’ Critiques of Capitalism’s Legitimacy in 19th-Century America

April 10 2012
James Bergman
'Smoothing the Cycles': The Promise of Long-Range Forecasting for New Deal Agricultural Planning

April 17 2012
Rowan Dorin,
Scandalous Aliens: The Boundaries of Sin and the Expulsion of Moneylenders in Late Medieval Europe

September 11 2012
Daniel Luban (University of Chicago)
Bernard Mandeville as Moralist and Materialist

September 18 2012
Rudi Batzell
Caught Between Rousseau and the Fiscal-Military State: Locating the Tensions in Adam Smith's Political Economy 

September 25 2012
Lydia Walker
Revolutionary War on Trial:  Raoul Salan and the French Empire v. the French Nation, 1962-1963

October 2 2012
Julie Stephens
Economizing Sharia: Islamic Economics and the Secular State in Colonial and Post-Colonial South Asia

October 9 2012
Eli Cook
A Statistical Frontier: Hunt’s Merchants’ Magazine, Growth Culture, and the Making of Human Capital

October 16 2012
Benjamin Siegel 
'Self-Help Which Ennobles a Nation': Rights, Citizenship, and the Obligations of Eating in India's Austerity Years

October 23 2012
Philipp Lehmann
Flooding the Sahara: Visions of Engineered Climate Change in the Sahara, 1860-1890

October 30 2012
Gabriel Winant (Yale University)
'You Will Feel Good about Yourself and Your Job': Gender, Class Formation, and Health Care Work in and around Pittsburgh, 1975-1985

November 6 2012
Tim Shenk (Columbia University)
Inventing the American Economy: Some Early Conjectures

November 13 2012
Philippa Hetherington
Sex at the Border: Imperial Governmentalities and the Traffic in Women between Odessa and Constantinople, 1890-1914

December 4 2012
David Singerman (MIT)
Fraud and Suspicion in the Atlantic Sugar Trade

February 14 2013
Josh Specht
Amity with the United States

February 28 2013
Cristina Groeger
Service to Selection: Constructing the Boston Public School System, 1900-1930

March 7 2013
Sarah Shortall
Catholicism in the State of Exception: A History of the French Church under the Third Republic from the Perspective of Jersey

March 14 2013
Nick Crawford
Hunger Accounts: Slave Subsistence and Plantation Finance in the British Caribbean, 1790-1815

March 28 2013
Shirley Ye
German Shipping and Empire and the Making of the China Coast, 1831-1914

April 4 2013
Caroline Spence
Spanish Laws and the Amelioration of British Slavery

April 11 2013
Yael Merkin
'We were much afraid of our voices for a long time': Intellectual Capital and Gilded Age New York's Female Elite

April 18 2013
Jeremy Zallen
Piney Light: Slaves, Seamstresses, and Treacherous Lamps in Antebellum America

April 25 2013
Bryant Etheridge
Countervailing Trends and Contradictory Developments: Human Capital and Class Formation in Houston, 1929-1941

May 2 2013
Stefan Eich
From History to Evolution: Jürgen Habermas and the Philosophy of History

May 9 2013
Katrina Forrester
The Problem of Civil Disobedience in American Political Philosophy, 1964-1977

September 24 2013
Robin Winkler
Did Nazis Save More? Household Saving and Ideology in Pre-War Nazi Germany

October 10 2013
Joshua Specht
Beefsteaks and Beef scandals: Red Meat in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

October 17 2013
Shane Bobrycki
'He seized me on account of my carelessness': Mediterranean Slavery and Carolingian Intellectual History

October 24 2013
James Bergman
From Civil to 'Climatic' Time: Seabrook Farms, Operations Research, and the Application of Climatology to Industrial Agriculture

October 31 2013
Rowan Dorin
'Varied are the opinions of the doctors': Popes, Jurists and Jews in Fifteenth-Century Italy

November 7 2013
Johanna Conterio
The Progressive Provinces: Dismantling the Myth of the Backward Provinces in the History of the Globalization of Technology in the USSR

November 14 2013
Tina Groeger
Hierarchies of Knowledge: The Changing Educational Landscape of Boston

November 21 2013
Sarah Shortall
A New Christendom: The Revolution in French Catholic Political Theology, from Royalism to the Mystical Body of Christ (1926-1938)

December 5 2013
Eva Bitran

February 6 2014
Charles Petersen
The Era of Programs: The University of Montana and Alternative Histories of Creative Writing

February 20 2014
Brandon Bloch
Contesting the Rechtsstaat: Constitutional Rights and Environmental Litigation in West Germany, 1969-1980

March 13 2014
Michael Tworek
Polish Students, the Republic of Letters, and the Quest for Educational Reform in Early Modern Europe

March 27 2014
Paul Schmelzing
German Self-sufficiency in the Nazi Economy: Testing the Tooze Argument for the Example of Rubber

April 3 2014
Carolin Roeder
Intimate Connections: East-West Encounters on the Roof of the World, 1958-1974

April 8 2014
David Singerman
'Sugar Machinery Work is All of a Special Nature': Craftsmanship, Chemistry, and Paper from Glasgow to the Caribbean

April 17 2014
Carla M. Heelan
The Gothic State: August Reichensperger and the Aesthetics of Particularism in Nineteenth-Century Germany

April 22 2014
James McSpadden
A Culture of Exceptions: City Administration and Street Renamings in Nazi Berlin