The project on the global history of energy is based at the Joint Center for History and Economics and the MIT Research Group on History, Energy, and Environment. The project explores how the historical study of energy use and transformation can widen perspectives on economic, social, and environmental processes in the past. It also serves as a forum for the historical discussion of energy in all its forms in a global and comparative context, and supports a series of workshops, lectures and events. 

This site provides a hub for information on energy history. It archives the data assembled by the 'Long-term energy and growth' project that has worked to reconstruct historical energy consumption in Europe in a consistent manner, and that provides the evidential underpinning is linked to the volume Power to the People: energy in Europe over the last five centuries. This energy data archive will be expanded over time to provide updates of European data and datasets for other parts of the world. On our 'thinkpieces' section we will provide blogs on current research in energy history, and reflections on the field. We welcome submissions for inclusion.


The Energy History Project is supported by a Large-Scale Seed Grant from the Harvard Center for the Environment. Participants have included Sunil Amrith (Harvard), Richard Hornbeck (University of Chicago), Philipp Lehmann (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science), Ian Miller (Harvard), Harriet Ritvo (MIT), Emma Rothschild (Harvard), Joshua Specht (Monash) and Paul Warde (Cambridge).

The Project is grateful to Paul Warde for providing the content of this site, and to Amy Price and Ian Kumekawa for site design. Any comments or queries should be directed to Amy Price.