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Kirsty Walker



kmw41 [at] cam.ac.uk

Kirsty Walker's doctoral research at the University of Cambridge has been concerned with processes of cross-cultural interaction and ideas of hybridity in colonial and post-colonial Asia, and explores creole family networks and interethnic intimacy in Southeast Asia, c. 1890-1960. By focusing on mobile, culturally hybrid families, whose ancestry can be traced across multiple countries and continents, she aims to add a fresh perspective to debates over diaspora, migration and the making of 'plural societies' in Asia, on the mobility of ideas and knowledge across empires, and on shifting ideas of 'race' in Southeast Asia.  Her next project will explore the history of vagabondage in colonial Southeast Asia.



'Intimate Interactions: Eurasian family histories in colonial Penang', Modern Asian Studies, 42, 2 (March 2012), pp. 303-329