Current Research Projects


Exchanges of Economic, Legal and Political Ideas

The project, which is based at Harvard and the University of Cambridge over the period 2010-2015, is concerned with the history of political and economic thought in a large context of economic, religious, and legal history, and with exchanges across long distances in Asia, Europe and the Atlantic world.


Visualizing Historical Networks

The project is concerned with mapping different ways in which people in the past interacted with each other and their surroundings. It reflects the idea that the social networks of earlier times were not entirely unlike those of today and it endeavors to model and study them with contemporary tools including network visualizations.


Energy History Project

The Global History of Energy project is concerned with the historical study of energy use and transformation, and how it can increase understanding of economic, social, and environmental processes in the past. The project also serves as a forum for the historical discussion of energy in all its forms.