Harvard China Faculty Grant Program
Annual Symposium

Every school at Harvard has multiple projects and academic partners in China. Beginning in 2011, an Annual Research Symposium is held at the Harvard Center Shanghai to generate research proposals and promote scholarly exchange between Harvard faculty and their Chinese colleagues. These "invite-only" symposia address the following key themes: Humanities and Higher Education • Public Health • Civil Society and Governance • Energy and Environment 

The first symposium was held March 17-18, 2011 and focused on “Humanities and Higher Education.” Over the course of three sessions on “A Crisis in the Humanities?”; “Critical Approaches in the Humanities”; and “Humanities in Education and the Media," participants discussed potential research collaborations on the following topics:

- A visual archive of Chinese art, architecture, and photographs
- Comparative hermeneutics of classical learninh
- Global literary theory
- China as seen from the periphery
- Humanities in the classroom: bildung vs. wissenschaft
- Media and humanistic discourse in the public sphere
- New cosmopolitanism: mobility and material culture

The 2012 symposium will be held May 8-9, also at the Harvard Center Shanghai, and will focus on “The Current Situation of Health in China.” Attendees will include approximately 25 faculty members from Harvard and Greater China, along with local academics, special guests, and members of the Harvard China Advisory Group. The program will feature the following panel discussions:

- Global Healthcare System Reform
- Major Health Challenges
- Mental Health in China
- Aging Challenge in China
- Ethics in Medicine, Public Health, and Biotechnology

Next year's Symposium on “Civil Society and Governance in China” will be held May 16-17, 2013.