Harvard China Student Internship Program
Student Reflections & Previous Placements

Student Reflections

Since its inaugural summer in 2008, over 157 students have participated in the Harvard China Student Internship Program. For a sampling of student reflections, please see below:

“The welcoming that I felt from my coworkers was more genuine and heart-warming than most feelings I've received from similar situations in America, and even at Harvard. They treated me as equals, expressed interest in my personal background, and were more than eager to help me with my Chinese and teach me new things. That's the point where I realized that my coworkers weren't much different from myself and my friends…” – 2010 Intern

"My experience... was more than just an internship, more than just a field trip - it was a cultural immersion exercise, an insightful internship, as well as a impetus for self-discovery. Not only did I find out more about China, more about the healthcare system as a whole, but I also found out more about myself - something that was only possible because this internship program put us out of our comfort zones, and in the course of trying to re-establish comfort and routine in my surroundings, I learned more about myself. Best of all, I was able to meet a diverse array of wonderful people, not only from Harvard but also from my living experience in China." - 2012 Intern

"My experience has really changed my perception of China from one of passive observance to that of active engagement. I realize that I want to be a part of all the change and growth that is taking place. With a better understanding of life in China and the culture of the people, I can see myself leveraging the best of my two backgrounds to do work between the United States and China." - 2012 Intern

2013 Internship Placements


China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO)
John Kocsis
Sharon Zhou

China Greentech Initiative
Jonathan Longcroft
Wentao Xu

HAY Group Beijing
Cindy Guan
Shayna Price

iKang Guobin Healthcare Group
Xinlan Li
Rose-Ann Thomas

Junior Achievement China
Mir Ibrahim

One Foundation Beijing
Gregory Kristof
Cindy Zou

Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Sharon Park
Timothy Tsai

Primavera Capital Group
Eric Wang


China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd. (CUAM)
Ever Alvarado
Brian Cronin
Jessica Li

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
Amy Jiang
James Lim

Hay Group China
Sierra Fan
Jennifer Gathright
Cody Kiechle
Alex Mao

Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCCE)
Emmy Hu

Junior Achievement China
Matthew Barber
Hayley Cuccinello

One Foundation Project Shanghai
Connie Yan

Katherine Dean
Andrea Liu


Beijing Genomics Institute Shenzhen
Preeti Srinivasan

China Vanke Co., Ltd.
Bryan Li

One Foundation Project
Matthew Bialo


SANY Group Co.,Ltd.
Douglas Muhlestein
Anna Zhong


Esquel Group
Selena Kim


Esquel Group
Khalela Francis
Madison Singell


Industrial Technology Research Institute
Patrick Liu

Taiwan Life Insurance Co.
Katherine Dai
Michelle Yu