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Why FOP?

Participants on FOP trips (FOPpers) are encouraged to ask questions and receive information from their leaders about life at Harvard. While in the woods, these leaders create a safe environment for these questions to be answered. Meanwhile, the members of a FOP group learn that they share many of the same fears about college. Also, as a group, a FOP trip will bond through physical activity, conversation, and games. We believe that there is a large advantage for those students who arrive for their first day of college after a week of orienting to life at Harvard. Armed with the answers they needed and a support network of friends, a new place will seem much less daunting.

The goal of FOP is to make the transition to Harvard easy and fun for entering students. Every year, we ask graduating seniors to look back on their FOP trip and tell us how they remember it. Here's what a few of them thought:

We hope four years from now, you will be able to look back on your trip and realize the difference it has made in your college experience.