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Pre-Orientation Brochure- This document includes some pretty sweet pictures taken on pre-orientation trips such as FOP, and a brief introduction to the First-year Outdoor Program.    
FOP Application- Click here to fill out the FOP Online Application.    


Forms Due on June 15

Medical Form - Please make sure the whole form is filled out completely and signed--we find that about 50% of the forms we receive are incomplete. This form is separate from the University Health Services form, and BOTH must be filled out and sent to their respective organizations.    
Fun Form - This form gives us a little more info about who you are!    
Route Preference Form - This form will help us select a trip that fits you best.    
Participant Response Form - This form secures you a spot in our program, allows us to Term Bill you for participation, and lets us know what gear you would like to rent from FOP. If you have applied for Financial Aid, you will need to wait to return this form until you have heard back from us regarding Financial Aid on or before June 8.    
Photo Release Form - This form will give us permission to post photos from your awesome FOP trips this fall on our website!    

Informational Mailings

May Mailing

FOP Acceptance Letter - The initial letter sent to FOPpers once they are notified of acceptance to the FOP program. Gives overall details of a FOP trip and the forms that need to be filled out.    

FOP Equipment List - This document lists and describes the gear that you will need for FOP trips so that you can begin locating the gear you need through purchasing, borrowing from friends and family, and renting from FOP.    

FOP Logistics - This document mentions some of the specific logistics of your arrival and trips, from storage to weather to the importance of notifying us of any changes in your medical condition between the time you turned in your medical form and the beginning of trips...plus more!    

June Mailing

June Mailing Cover Letter - This letter describes the contents of the June mailing, all of which lie below.    
FOP Itinerary - This document describes what happens when you arrive on campus to participate in FOP and what happens when you arrive back on campus after your trip. There is also information here regarding religious observance during FOP.    
Parent Letter - Please share this letter with your parents! It has important information about how to get in contact with FOP if there is an emergency.    
Parking Instructions - What to do if you and/or your parents drive a car into Cambridge.