1995 Conference

Language Machines:

New Work on Technologies of Literary and Cultural Production from a Variety of Historical, Theoretical, and Disciplinary Perspectives

54th Session
August 24-27, 1995
Longfellow Hall
13 Appian Way
Harvard University


PETER STALLYBRASS, University of Pennsylvania
Directed Pens

ELIZABETH PITTENGER, University of California, Berkeley
Writing Machines

JONATHAN GOLDBERG, Johns Hopkins University
The Female Pen: Writing as Woman

MEREDITH MCGILL, Harvard University
The Duplicity of the Pen



JOHN BRENKMAN, Baruch College and CUNY Graduate Center
Directed Presses

FRANCO MORETTI, Columbia University
Narrative Markets, c. 1850

JEFFREY MASTEN, Harvard University
Pressing Subjects: Or, the Secret Lives of Shakespeare's Compositors

VINAY DHARWADKER, University of Oklahoma
The Fine Print of Poetry in Modern Indian Culture



NANCY VICKERS, University of Southern California
Directed Screens

MARSHA KINDER, University of Southern California
The Dialectics of Transmedia Screens: from Joseph Andrews to Carmen Sandiego

MARY ANN DOANE, Brown University
Screening Time

N. KATHERINE HAYLES, University of California, Los Angeles
The Condition of Virtuality



JOSEPH R. ROACH, Tulane University
Directed Voice

JAY CLAYTON, Vanderbilt University
The Voice in the Machine

PEGGY PHELAN, New York University
Performing Talking Cuers

GREGORY ULMER, University of Florida
The UnHeimlich Maneuver: First Aid for Virtual Speakers of Cyber-Pidgin