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Gilbert Living Room Located on the first floor of Gilbert, it contains a full kitchen, an upright piano, large dining tables for 16, and couches. Book through Patricia Gnazzo Pepper (5-8100). top
  • Gilbert Lower Main
    Currier's main recreation area. Along the way to Daniels are the large TV (with cable!!!), a ping pong table, a pool table, a foosball table, video games, vending machines, and condom machine. Ping pong and pool equipment can be obtained at the Bell's Desk. top
  • Laundry
    Laundry facilities are in each tower. They are in the lower main in Daniels, and on the fifth floor of the other towers. In the latter laundry rooms, expect washing machines to take an hour rather than the projected 26 minutes, due to the lack of water pressure.Washing machines are one dollar per use, while dryers are seventy-five cents; both can be paid with quarters or Crimson Cash ( For laundry drop-off and cleaning, HSA has a linen depot in Tuchman lower main, just across from the dance studio. top
  • Mousehole
    Tucked under the entrance lobby, the mousehole is the smaller space behind the Fishbowl. It has a grand piano, couches, and a large TV. Reservation of this space requires approval of both Patricia Gnazzo Pepper (5-8100) and the House Committee. top
  • Poker Room
    Located in the Bingham lower main between the men's and women's bathrooms, this room seats 15-20 people and is used for seminars and for group studying. Reserve through Patricia Gnazzo Pepper (5-8100). top
  • QRAC
    Located across Garden Street.
    Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
    Friday 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
    Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM 9:00 PM top
  • Reading Room
    A small reading room is located on the first floor of Tuchman (former vestibule area), and a second on the first floor of Gilbert, opposite the Gilbert Living Room. top
  • Senior Common Room
    Used for receptions, recitals, and meetings of the SCR. Open to students only when accompanied by an SCR member. The SCR contains two grand pianos used for performances only. SCR dinners are held once a month: all students are encouraged to sign up at the dining hall checker's table and attend. top
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  • Tuchman Living Room
    Located in Tuchman lower main next to the elevator, the Tuchman living room contains couches, a full kitchen, a wide-screen TV, and a VCR. The TLR is open on weekdays to students with Currier ID cards. On weekends, reserve through Patricia Gnazzo Pepper (5-8100). top
  • Weight Room and Exercise Room
    The weight room, located in the Tuchman lower main opposite the classrooms, has benches, mats, and free weights. There are also exercise machines in the exercise room, across the hall from the weight room. Both are open to House members only; The weight room is closed from 11pm to 6am. Get your weight room key for $10! (Money goes to the Weight Room Improvements Fund), from Mike Reckhow, the 2005-06 Weight Room Czar. Email him at meckhow@fas to get your key. top
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