Faculty Commentators

This year's faculty commentators include:

Randall Balmer (Columbia University)
Richard Elphick (Wesleyan University)
Charles Gallagher (Boston College)
William Granara (Harvard University)
Michael Lang (University of Maine)
Michael McGuire (Emmanuel College)
Roy Mottahedeh (Harvard University)
Darra Mulderry (Providence College)
David Northrup (Boston College)
Roger Owen (Harvard University)
Connie Shemo (SUNY Plattsburgh)
Karen Teoh (Stonehill College)

Past faculty commentators have included:

Kenneth Andrien (The Ohio State University>
David Armitage (Harvard University)
David Blackbourn (Harvard University)
Sugata Bose (Harvard University)
Dani Botsman (Harvard University)
Mark Bradley (Northwestern University)
Charles Bright (University of Michigan)
Vincent Brown (Harvard University)
Joyce Chaplin (Harvard University)
Fernando Coronil (University of Michigan)
Margaret Crawford (Harvard University)
Robert Darnton (Harvard University)
Robert Dean (Eastern Washington University)
Laura Lee Downs (École des hautes études en sciences sociales)
Thomas Eisenmann (Harvard University)
Mark Elliot (Harvard University)
Kristin Hoganson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Niall Ferguson (Harvard University)
Susan Gauss (State University of New York at Albany)
Rudiger Graf (Harvard University)
Rachel Greenblatt (Harvard University)
Christopher Jones (Harvard University)
KC Johnson (Brooklyn College)
Susan Khan (Harvard University)
David Landes (Harvard University)
Mary Lewis (Harvard University)
Dominic Lieven (London School of Economics)
Charles Maier (Harvard University)
Erez Manela (Harvard University)
Terry Martin (Harvard University)
Michael McCormick (Harvard University)
Ernest May (Harvard University)
David Nickles (Office of the Historian)
Frank Ninkovich (St. John’s University)
Serhii Plokhii (Harvard University)
John Schrecker (Brandeis University)
Paul Schroeder (University of Illinois)
Glenda Sluga (University of Sydney)
Peter Stamatov (Yale University)
Nicolas Standaert (University of Leuven)
Ann Laura Stoler (The New School)
Karen Thornber (Harvard University)