Is there any add-on Chinese system for NT?

The only system I am aware of for NT4.0 is CSTAR 3.0. I never got a chance to test it. Here is what the dealer has to say: Chinese Star 3.0 is for NT. If you are Windows NT 4.0 or 3.51 users, we have Chinese Star 3.0 for Windows NT. This Cstar supports Windows NT 4.0 and 3.51, both client and server workstations. Users can use Cstar in a client/server environment. This greatly boost up Chinese language computing. Cstar 3.0 for WinNT supports Unicode, GB and Big5. It works naturally well with MS Office 97 and many other newly released products aimed to use speed efficient unicodes. This Cstar 3.0 for WinNT is especially efficient in utilizing features of high speed within Pentium MMX and Pentium II. Because Cstar 3.0 for WinNT uses Unicode, it works naturally well with Office 97 and other 32 bit applications. GB and Big5 are also supported in this version. [Dealer] 
Wenze Hu