Chinese - Japanese Feature Classification Index

This table describes the contents of the file: "" which can be accessed from the CHGIS working papers downloads page.

The ZIP archive contains three files:

1) ADL_xwalk_080502.xls (UTF-8)
2) ADL_broker_design.xls
3) README.txt

The files were produced as a preliminary step for integrating feature types lists from China, Taiwan and Japan.

The working copy dated 080502 contains feature types from two basic domains:

  1. a harmonized version of four China National Standard Tables 5791, 7929, 12319, 13923
  2. a version of the Taiwan "Basic Topographic Map Materials Specialized Terms Thesaurus," which contains code numbers from the "Basic Topographic Map Materials Topographic Feature Classifications Code Table."

Each feature from these two sources is mapped to AT LEAST one of the Alexandria Digital Library Feature Types (FTT Version 070302). However, multiple associations can be made. For example, the term bao ta "Sacred relics pagoda" (ID# brkr_520), is listed as ADL type TOWERS, and also as ADL type RELIGIOUS FACILITIES (ID# brkr_1289).

The data dictionary defining the elements used is in "ADL_broker_design.xls"

The first version of this work (circa 2002) was expanded to include Mongolian and Uighur feature types (2003), with the help and cosultation of Dr. James Bosson. The downloadable files contain only the first version, with Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and English terms.

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