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toponyms Feb 01 FAQ XLS ENG Tibetan Area Placenames Cross-Index (based on 1991-1995-1999 Goubiao Code lists). THDL_ADMareas_rev022401.xls
toponyms Mar 01 FAQ ZIP GBK (Simp) List of 75,280 toponyms found in "Historical Atlas of China" (8 vols). Digitized by Center for Historical Geography, Fudan Univ.
geocodes Apr 01 FAQ ZIP BIG5 List of 3,389 county level administrative units found in "GB 2260 1991" the Guobiao Codes of the People's Republic of China. Digitized by CHGIS. (ZIP archive contains two files, one in English, and one with corresponding Chinese Characters). replaces
population Oct 01 FAQ XLS ENG Population for 2357 administrative units for the year 1999. The units recorded are at the ADM3 level, or county level, and include not only counties but also urban and other districts. 1999_gb_pop_uce.xls
feature types Oct 01 FAQ ZIP BIG5 Draft Version (Oct 2001) of Feature Type Classification for Chinese Historical places. 201 Feature Types from several sources are included. Also included are cross-reference tables for Feature Designations (as used by NIMA GNS), and source citations.
change types Nov 01 FAQ XLS GBK Draft Version (Nov 2001) of Change Types used for historical instances in the CHGIS database design. Draft Version 2 (Aug 2002) replaces previous version. Change_type_02.xls
encoding Jan 02 FAQ ZIP ENG Java application for converting native Chinese (GBK, GB2312, BIG5) and Japanese (Shift JIS, EUC) to Unicode UTF-8. Converts TEXT format files only, and requires installation of Java Runtime Environment. Author: Miho Nakanishi
feature types Apr 02 FAQ ZIP ENG NIMA GNS Feature Designations Table
feature types Jun 02 FAQ ZIP ENG, CHINESE China National Standard Feature Classifications / Cartographic Symbols List
gis dataset Jul 02 FAQ ZIP ENG CITAS 1990 County Boundaries polygon layer (reprojected to match CHGIS data) CITAS datasets
feature types Aug 02 FAQ ZIP UTF-8 Experimental crosswalk between Chinese National Standard Feature Classes, Taiwan Basic Topographic Feature Classes, and Alexandria Digital Library Feature Types.
chronology Aug 04 FAQ ZIP UTF-8 China Reign Periods table (222 BCE to 1911 CE) china_chron.ZIP
database Jun 07 FAQ ZIP UTF-8 CHGIS V3 MySQL Datbase backend database for CHGIS search engine

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description of listings

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