Historical GIS Links
Association of American Geographers List of HGIS project (HTML)
Great Britain Historical GIS Lead Developers: Humphrey Southall, Ian Gregory (HTML)
HGIS Germany Lead Developers: Andreas Kunz, Wolfgang Bohler, Alex Zipf (HTML)
Belgian Historical GIS Lead Developers: Torsten Wiedemann, Martine De Moor, (HTML)
U.S. National Historical GIS (HTML)
Russian Historical administrative boundaries Lead Developers: Irina Merzliakova, Alexei Karimov (HTML)
Mapping Europe's Historic Boundaries and Borders a rogue's gallery of historical GIS researchers (HTML)
TimeMap SpatioTemporal Data Browser. Lead Developers: Ian Johnson, Artem Osmakov (HTML)
Perceptory SpatioTemporal Data Modeling. Lead Developers: M-J Proulx, V. Bedard (HTML)
Modelling Change and Events in Dynamic Spatial Systems with Reference to Socio-Economic Units by Michael F. Worboys, 2001 (PDF)
TRIPOD Spatio-Historical Object Model 2001 (PDF)
Spatio-Temporal Conceptual Models: Data Structures + Space + Time Christine Parent, S. Spaccapietra, E. Zimanyi, 1999 (PDF)
A Qualitative Representation of Evolving Spatial Entities in Two-Dimensional Topological Spaces Christophe Claramunt, et al, 1998 (HTML)