CHGIS Data Model

Phase One
Phase Two
Implemented for CHGIS Version 1.0 Datasets, uses a simple flat table to store attributes that were current in the year 1820 for each historical place. No differentiation of time, since all records are current for the year 1820. Each level of the superior units in the administrative heirarchy are repeated in the table for each record. Temporal Change is recorded in the Phase Two model by adding a new record for each instance of historical change. So for every change in placename, admin status, or location, a new record is added. In addition, the rank in the administrative hierarchy is shown with the PARTOF field, which contains the SystemID of the jurisdictional unit that contains the record. A separate Temporal Sequence Table allows for tracking change over time. An experimental spatio-temporal database system was designed as a theoretical exercise for handling non-synchronous changes in different attribute domains. The basic idea is to separate the various attributes that change independently of one another (such as name changes, admin status changes, and spatial footprint changes) into separate classes or tables, and to relate these variables to one another by creating an entity for a place, or "place object."
11-15-02 Phase Two: Implemented Diagram (4 pages, 2-3 are blank, in English)(PDF)
11-28-01 Phase Three: Experimental Diagram (4 pages, color-coded, in English)(PDF)
01-03-02 Phase Three: Experimental Diagram (in Simplified Chinese) (JPG)
11-15-02 Phase Two (implemented): "Simplified Spatio-Temporal Data Model for CHGIS"
Lex Berman
(PDF) [English]

01-22-02 Phase Three (experimental): "CHGIS Time-Continuous Data Model, How the tables work (Chinese Version)"
Lex Berman & Xiaojie Li
(DOC) [GBK encoding]
(HTML) [diagrams]

01-08-02 Phase Three: (experimental) "CHGIS Time-Continuous Data Model, Minimum Required Tables (Chinese Version)"
Lex Berman & Xiaojie Li
(DOC) [GBK encoding]
(HTML) [JPG Version, no Chinese software needed]

01-03-02 Phase Three: (experimental) "CHGIS Time-Continuous Data Model, Minimum Required Tables (English Version)"
Lex Berman (DOC) [GBK encoding]
(HTML) [diagrams]

11-14-01 Phase Three: (experimental) "Gazetteer Development for the CHGIS"
Lex Berman (PDF)

10-8-01 Phase Three: (experimental) "Relational Data Model for Spatio-Temporal GIS Allowing for Attributes with Independent Temporal Extents."
Lex Berman (PDF)

Related Papers and Presentations
9-18-01 Phase Three: (experimental) "Solution to the Parent-Child Multiple Problem in the Spatio-Temporal Database Design for the CHGIS Project,"
Lawrence Crissman (DOC)

9-9-01 Phase Two: (proposal) "CHGIS Database Model - Frozen Attributes for each Temporal Extent"
Lex Berman (HTML)

9-9-01 Phase Two: (proposal) "Zoujin shuzihua Zhongguo lishi dili xinxi xitong (CHGIS) 1820 nian shuju jianjie," [Going Digital - A brief introduction to the China Historical GIS 1820 database],
Zhimin Man (DOC - GBK)

1-20-01 Phase One: (experimental) "Toponyms and Feature Classifications for CHGIS"
Lex Berman (PDF)

12-10-00 Phase Three: (proposal) "CHGIS Draft Database Design and Geocoding System"
Lawrence Crissman (DOC)

12-12-01 Phase Three: experimental Vietnam Provinces (sample Gazetteer version, ACCESS database)(ZIP)
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