Historical Gazetteer Meetings
2001, International Workshop on Historical GIS

about Shanghai

Fudan University - Shanghai, August 23rd-25th, 2001

Sponsored by the China Historical GIS Project

Dongfang Mingzhu Speakers at the Workshop
Dinner at Dongfang Mingzhu Tower

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The workshop will bring together historical geographers of China, scholars building GIS projects that concern the historical political geography of other parts of the world, and scholars developing standards and methodologies that pertain to historical GIS research in general. The workshop will have three objectives.

  1. To introduce the China Historical GIS project architecture and the 1820 pilot project, seeking comments from both historical geographers of China and other GIS researchers.

  2. To hold panels on thematic or methodological issues related to historical GIS and present completed work or work in progress from other country or region-based projects.

  3. To discuss the development of standards and architecture for an interoperable world historical GIS.

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