International Workshop on Historical GIS

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Workshop Organizers
CHGIS Member Institutions
CHGIS Management Committee
CHGIS Advisory Committee

Workshop Organizers:

Ge Jianxiong - Shanghai Conference Director
Center for Historical Geography, Fudan University
Telephone: 86-21-6564-2714

Ruth Mostern - International Speaker Organizer
Head of Collection Development, Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
Telephone: 510-643-1529

Peter Bol
Chair,East Asian Languages and Civilazations, Harvard University
Telephone: 617-495-4305

M. Lex Berman
Project Manager, CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Institute
Telephone: 617-384-7380

Management Office:

China Historical GIS
Harvard Yenching Institute
Vanserg Hall
25 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Telephone: 617-384-7380

Participating Institutions:

Academia Sinica

Griffith University

Fudan University

Harvard University

Management Committee:

Chair: Peter K. Bol
Dept of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Harvard University

Committee Member: Lawrence Crissman
School of Modern Asian Studies, Griffith University

Committee Member: Jianxiong Ge
Center for Historical Geography, Fudan University

Committee Member: D. T. Lee
Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

Committee Member: G. William Skinner
Department of Anthropology, University of California, Davis

Ex-officio Member:Merrick Lex Berman
Harvard Yenching Institute

Ex-officio Member:Helena Kolenda
Luce Foundation

Advisory Committee: