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011500 internal Berkeley, CA First meeting of Advisory Committee, held in conjuction with ECAI - PNC meeting.
102800 internal Santa Barbara, CA Second meeting of Advisory Committee, drafting of legal agreements. Held in conjuction with ECAI China meeting. See Meeting Webpage
010801 internal Shanghai, China Official launch meeting of CHGIS, held at the Center for Historical Geography, Fudan University. Established working procedures, data exchange methods, and historical administrative research team.
011901 public Hong Kong "Introduction to CHGIS" presented at ECAI - PNC meeting poster session, City University of Hong Kong.
012001 public Hong Kong "Toponyms and Feature Classifications for the China Historical GIS (PDF)" presented at ECAI - PNC meeting gazetteers session, City University of Hong Kong.
020601 internal Cambridge, MA Met with Robert Chavez and David Smith of Perseus Digital Library to discuss their implementation of web map server and advanced toponyms search in historical texts.
021901 internal Cambridge, MA Met with Gene Smith and Fred Coulson of Tibetan Buddhist Resources Center to discuss methods of integrating CHGIS toponyms with their databases of monasteries and biographies. The discussion led to the formation of a working group for Tibetan digital gazetteers, including collaboration with the Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library
030801 internal Cambridge, MA Met with Binjiang Liu and Lingyu Feng of UCE China Project to discuss data collection for their air disbursement model of point source pollution from 40 power plants in China. China Project is digitizing 1999 population statistics for use in their models.
032301 public Chicago "GIS Layers and Toponym Searching for the China Historical GIS" (PPT)" presented at Association of Asian Studies annual conference, Chicago, March 2001
040501 public Charlottesville "Topological Considerations for Temporal Coding" (HTML)" discussed at Digital Tibet Meeting, held by Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library, Charlottesville, Virginia, April 2001
040501 public Charlottesville Discussed the use of CHGIS online mapping as a tool for users of Connie Cook'sDatabase of Chinese Bronzes, Charlottesville, Virginia, April 2001
051601 internal Cambridge Met with Harvard Geospatial Library and Geospatial "Liboratory" and Tufts University Perseus Project to discuss implementations of webmap servers and querying geospatial information over the Internet, meeting hosted by Paul Cote, Graduate School of Design, Gund Hall
060501 internal Cambridge Met with D.T. Lee, Director of Institute of Information Science at Academia Sinica, Taipei, to discuss harmonization of CHGIS datasets with existing and developmental databases and search engines at Academia Sinica.
061901 internal Cambridge Met with the Joseph Rock Project, under the direction of Sheila Connor, Arnold Arboretum, hosted by Office of Information Systems. Gray Tuttle presented the results of his compilation of a Rock Placename gazetteer, based on Rock's maps of Qinghai Expedition. Discussion centered on how to develop databases for the Rock materials.
062101 internal Cambridge Met with David Boufford, Harvard Herbaria, about of his botanical database for the Hengduan Mountains, and with representatives from Conservation International, about collaboration on historical land-use change and plant diversity studies in Western Sichuan. Subsequently, CHGIS developed townships boundary files and rubber-sheeted scans of Joseph Rock maps for areas of overlap between Boufford's collection areas and Landsat tiles purchased by conservation international. (see sample of scan close-up, Lake Luguhu, Lijiang, Yunnan, with Joseph Rock map overlaid with ArcChina roads, towns, and hydrography layers.
062201 internal Cambridge Formative meeting for an East Asian Ethnographic Digital Image Archive, with attendees from the Asia Center, Reischauer Center, Office of Information Systems, Peabody Museum, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, and CHGIS. Subsequent meetings were held with Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan, Director, Kazuko Sakaguchi, and visiting scholar Hitoshi Tsuji. CHGIS prepared a proof of concept demonstration site and posted related documents at:
071701 internal Cambridge Met with James Cheng, director of Harvard Yenching Library, about plans to expand the CHGIS Local Histories search engine, to include Library of Congress call numbers.
072401 internal Cambridge Met with Robert O'Malley author and web-developer to discuss inclusion of audio files as descriptive matter for the Digital Image Archive
080901 internal Cambridge Fudan University's CHGIS members Jianxiong Ge and Zhimin Man met with Peter Bol and Lex Berman to discuss final preparations for the Shanghai Intl Workshop on Historical GIS, the CHGIS 1820 datasets and demonstration, and the next phase of CHGIS project.
080901 public Cambridge Lex Berman led a discussion of the CHGIS data model seeking comments from a diverse group with expertise in database design and GIS. Attendees: Jianxiong Ge (Fudan Univ), Zhimin Man (Fudan Univ), Peter Bol (Harvard Univ), William Hays (Harvard Herbaria), Don Nadeau (Boston Metropolitan District Commision), Hitoshi Tsuji (Osaka Univ), Fred Coulson (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center), Kazuko Sakaguchi (Reischauer Inst, Harvard Univ).
081001 public Cambridge An Open Forum on CHGIS was held in the Lamont Forum Room, Harvard University. More than 50 people from the Harvard community and elsewhere attended the three part presentation. Prof. Jianxiong Ge (Fudan Univ) spoke on the "Historical Mapmaking in China, from the Traditional to the Digital." Prof. Zhimin Man described the development of the CHGIS datasets under his supervision at Fudan Univ in "Going Digital, intro to the CHGIS Database." Lex Berman explained online resources and search engines in CHGIS Demonstration .
082401 public Shanghai CHGIS and Fudan University hosted the International Workshop on Historical GIS . More than fifty people attended the two-day workshop, with speakers from Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. Astracts and presentations are available from the AGENDA page on the link above.
082601 internal Shanghai CHGIS convened a Management Committee Quorum, to discuss the next phase of project development. Key areas for the next phase are: (a) finishing layers for rivers, coastlines, elevation contours and cleaning up the 1820 datasets for official release in Spring 2002, (b) developing a revised data model to accomodate continuous time series of historical units, (c) working with Academia Sinica on methods for integrating query methods from CHGIS to Sinica databases and vice versa. Attending the Management Committee meeting were: Jianxiong Ge (Fudan Univ), Zhimin Man (Fudan Univ), Peter Bol (Harvard Univ), Lex Berman (Harvard Univ), D. T. Lee (Academia Sinica), Lawrence Crissman (Griffith Univ), Pu Lin (Griffith Univ, ACASIAN).
082701 internal Urumqi Lex Berman met with Dru Gladney (Univ of Hawaii) and Jianmin Wang (National Minorities Univ) to discuss the development of historical gazetteers for Xinjiang.
092101 internal Cambridge Peter Bol and Lex Berman met with Chris Nielson and Binjiang Liu (Harvard Univ Committee on the Evironment, China Project) to discuss future collaboration on China GIS projects. Nielson agreed to allow 1999 population data developed by UCE to be made available for download on the CHGIS website.
101101 internal Cambridge Lex Berman met with Tsuyoshi Katayama (Osaka University) to discuss prospects for developing historical GIS in Japan. Prof. Katayama agreed to pursue the idea with several existing GIS labs at major universities in Japan.
111701 public Chicago "Gazetteer Development for the China Historical GIS Project" (PDF)Presented at the Social Science History Association annual conference, Chicago, November 16th, 2001
120401 public Guadalajara "Integrating CHGIS with Other Gazetteer Standards and Classification Systems" (PPT)Presented at the Pacific Neighborhood Consortium interim conference, Guadalajara, Mexico, December 4th, 2001
012202 internal Cambridge Peter Bol and Lex Berman meet with interested parties for an exploratory committee to seek funding for an East Asian Digital Image archive. See also the draft proposal and working model developed in June 2001.
022002 internal Cambridge Lex Berman met with Zhao Liang (Graduate School of Design) about preparing GIS basemaps for a study of urban growth in Beijing.
040602 public Washington DC First CHGIS Meeting-in-conjunction was held at the Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference. Peter Bol and Lex Berman presented the CHGIS Version 1.0 - Qing Dynasty Datasets, which were released for free download on the same day. The CD-ROM is also available for purchase on CD-ROM from Cheng and Tsui Company.
052202 public Vancouver Lex Berman presented the CHGIS project to Asian Studies faculty and researchers as the University of British Columbia GIS lab.
052602 internal Shanghai Lex Berman met with Man Zhimin and Zou Yilin to discuss the development of time-differentiated datasets. A draft of the working table for data entry was decided upon, and a work schedule leading up the the November 2002 Management Committee meeting was established.
053002 internal Beijing Lex Berman met with Deng Hui, Historical Geography Research Institute, Peking University, to discuss the development of Beijing Historical GIS.
061402 internal Cambridge Lex Berman met with Andreas Kunz to discuss trends in Historical GIS in Europe and development of the German Mapserver.
062602 internal Cambridge Lex Berman met with Rei Liu, Conservation International, and members of the Harvard Herbaria to discuss development of gazetteers useful for botanical and environmental research in China.
062902 internal Cambridge Lex Berman met Lillian Li, Swarthmore College, to discuss the use of CHGIS basemaps for historical research on flood relief in Zhili Province during the Qing Dynasty.
062902 internal Cambridge Lex Berman met Bob Moseley, The Nature Conservancy, to discuss placename resources for Moseley's work on repeat photography in the Yunnan - Tibet border region. Moseley has visited sites previously photographed by Joseph Rock and other explorers in the region and has been taking contemporary photos that reproduce the exact views and angles of the originals.
070502 internal Cambridge Lex Berman met with Rick Ree to discuss development of cross-search capabilites between CHGIS and Harvard Herbaria's Hengduan Mountains photography database.
072702 internal Cambridge Lex Berman met with Sophia Huang to develop an online staff directory database for the Asia Center.
081802 public Hamada Lex Berman was invited to participate in the ECAI technical sessions on digital gazetteers, web service protocols, interoperability, and content standards, part of the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative's annual meeting in Shimane, Japan.
082102 public Osaka Lex Berman was invited to present research on the "Multilingual Feature Classification Index for China and Japan" at the annual meeting of the Pacific Neighborhood Consortium. At the same meeting, Lex also presented "Methods for Georeferencing Historical Data using CHGIS"
083002 internal Boston Lex Berman met with Robert Murowhick, Jeff Kao, and David Cohen of the Intl Center for East Asian Archaeology & History, Boston Univ They're building a database of bibliographic sources on archaeology and would like to enable mapping of sites. Discussed the availability of webmaps from the CHGIS server for sites listed in their database and development of a data model for making their database available on the web.

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