Links to Other Map Resources for East Asia

The following links are not related to CHGIS. Please refer to each website for information about copyrights to map images.

Historical Historical Maps of China David Rumsey Collection
Course on Historical Cartography of China [in Chinese] Hong Kong Baptist Univ
Outline of Chinese History in Maps Univ of Washington
Novus Atlas Sinensus (1655) Cal State Univ
Zoomable Maps of China (17th-19th cent) Univ of Alabama
Antique Maps Database (16th-19th cent) HK Univ of Science and Technology
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong Historical Guide Book Maps (1860-1950) Travel Maps
Chinese Civil War Atlas (1925-1949) USMA West Point
Perry-Castenada Collection of China Historical Maps Univ of Texas
Historical Maps of Macau (1780-1991) Govt of Macau
Zoomable Maps of Macau (1655-1991) Library of Congress
Sea of Korea Maps Archive (1606-1895) Univ of Southern California
Annotated List of Online Asian Historical Maps Map History Virtual Library
Historical Maps of Japan David Rumsey Collection
Map of Naniwa (Osaka Region) (1732) Tsukuba University
Modern Perry-Castenada Map Collection China Maps Univ of Texas
Interactive Road Maps of China [in Chinese] Go2Map
Interactive Road Maps of China [in Chinese] Baidu
Interactive Road Maps of China [in Chinese] Google
3-D Maps of Chinese Cities [in Chinese] Edushi
Thematic Geological Maps of China China Geological Survey
Aggregated Vegetation Map Intl Inst for Applied Systems Analysis
Ethnolinguistic Map (1967) CIA
Nuclear Power Plants in China Intl Nuclear Safety Center