Japan Geography Links

Link Description Name
PDF Japan Data Sources (Jul 2013) Edited by Lex Berman
current browse current maps (with Sendai Earthquake data) JapanMap (Harvard Univ)
current Ministry of Land Information MLIT
current Geological Survey of Japan GSI
current Global Map of Japan (Shapefiles) Great Vector GIS Layers! GSI
current browse 1:2,500 scale maps (map scale info) Japan Topo Map Server
current current street maps of Japan with local info Mapfan
current Search for postcodes in Japan Japan Postcode Lookup
historical Meiji Statistics with GIS downloads Tsukuba University
historical regional systems analysis: Gun and Kuni data for Meiji Japan G. W. Skinner Archive
historical scanned historical maps (high-resolution online browsing) Nichibun Collection
historical browse the UC Berkeley historical maps collection online David Rumsey Japan Maps
historical Table of 300 Hans, Daimyos and related information. Japan Edo Era Han Charts
historical Unofficial table of changes from Edo to Present day Japan Historical Administrative Divisions
historical browse Meiji University historical maps collection online Ashida Bunko Map Exhibit
eras - nengo Time Authority Search Engine for Japanese Reign Dates Dharma Drum Buddhist College
historical GIS GIS-Based Visualization of Tokyo's Urban History Loren Seibert
historical GIS Meiji Historical Statistics Yuji Murayama
historical GIS Tokugawa Historical GIS datasets to download Lex Berman
scanned maps Gaihozu Maps Index Tohoku University
digital scholarship Digital Scholarship in Japanese Studies NCC