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Tokugawa Japan Circuits Map, from CHGIS data

Tokugawa Data contains boundaries for Circuits (doo) and Provinces (kuni).

The boundaries were derived from several sources:

  • Japan Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (historical map of the circuits) [MLIT]
  • UNEP / GRID prefecture boundaries GIS data [GRID]
  • DCW coastal boundary data [DCW]

The basic boundary was first determined from the MLIT data. The coast was snapped from DCW, and when possible the land boundaries were taken from the GRID data. In some cases the boundaries did not align with modern prefectures, and these were estimated and digitized by hand from a georeferenced image of the MLIT map.

DEM Images are included for use as topographic background maps. The images were processed from GTOPO-30 datasets, which have a resolution of 30 arc seconds (1 km) per pixel.

Tokugawa Doo (circa 1828) (polygons)
Tokugawa Kuni (circa 1828) (polygons)
Tokugawa Daimyo (circa 1664) (polygons)
Tokugawa Daimyo Seats (circa 1664) (points)

Other Datasets Date Type Source Filesize Download
1995 Towns & Municipalities POINTS (centroid coordinates) CHGIS 700 KB excel spreadsheet
1990 Prefecture (ken) Boundaries POLYGONS GRID 250 KB shapefile
1990 Coastline Boundaries POLYGONS DCW 200 KB shapefile

DEM Images Date Type Source Filesize Download
1996 DEM Image - North Japan RASTER GTOPO-30 10 MB geotiff
1996 DEM Image - South Japan RASTER GTOPO-30 2 MB geotiff