Research on Historical Gazetteers
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Center for Geographic Analysis

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Historical Gazetteer Web Services

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Organized by Pelagios Project

2016 Facultad de FilologĂ­a, UNED, Madrid Agenda

Linked Pasts
Organized by Pelagios Project

2015 King's College London Summary of Workshop Sessions

Chinese Local Gazetteers: Computerized Data Collection and Analysis
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

2015 Max Planck Institute, Berlin Summary of Workshop Webpage

Linking Geospatial Data
W3C and OGC

2014 Campus London AGENDA and SLIDES Attendees

Moving Historical Geodata to the Web
Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

2014 New York Public Library Summary of Workshop Agenda Participants

Issues in Spatio-Temporal Technologies for the Humanities and Arts
Digital Humanities Conference, Panel Session

2013 DH Lincoln Presentations Conference Program

Working Digitally with Historical Maps
Special sessions hosted at the New York Public Library

2012 AAG New York Presentations Session Program

Special Track on Historical Gazetteers: Temporal Elements
Symposium on Space-Time Integration in Geography and GIScience

2011 AAG Seattle Presentations Session Program

Special Track on Historical GIS and Gazetteers

2010 AAG Washington DC Fifteen Sessions Session Listing

Methodological approaches to Historical GIS
Association of American Geographers

2008 AAG Boston Presentations Program

Georeferencing Workshop
Center for Geographic Analysis

2008 CGA, Harvard Presentations Program

Digital Gazetteer Research and Practice

2006 UCSB, Santa Barbara Presentations

Workshop on the Analysis of Geographic References
North American Chapter - Association for Computational Linguistics

2003 HLT-NAACL, Edmonton Presentations

Digital Gazetteers Workshop
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

2002 JCDL NKOS, Portland Presentations

International Workshop On Historical GIS
Fudan University and CHGIS (Harvard University)

2001 Shanghai, China Presentations