From Tibet to Altai - Russian Historical Maps of China

In collaboration with CHGIS, the Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Geography in Moscow is cataloging and digitizing important historical maps that were produced by Russian cartographers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The results will be provided free for academic use in several ways:

  1. in the form of a catalog of all the maps found in the Russian archives that relate to China, including maps in Russian and other European languages
  2. in the form of GIS datasets, which contain point features extracted from selected maps
  3. in the form of searchable records integrated into the CHGIS search engine


Irina Merzliakova (Institute of Geography, Moscow)

Alexei Karimov (Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Moscow)


From Tibet to Altai: Western China in Russian Historical Maps (25 MB - many graphics)


Catalog of Russian Historical Maps of China (60 KB)


Available in OTHER datasets category of CHGIS Version 2.0


Przhevalskii Map of Central Asia (Detail of Khotan) [1876-77]

Przhevalskii Map of Central Asia (Southern Taklamakan Desert - Complete Map) [1876-77]

Kozlov Map of Eastern Tibet (Amne Machen - Golog) [1900]

Grum - Grzhimailo Brothers Map of Urumqi - Manas (Western Xinjiang) [1880-90]

Poddubnyi Map of Southern Tibet [1900]

Kornilov Map of Kashgar (Western Xinjiang) [1903]

Overview on Russian Maps of China (by map scale) [up to 1918]