The DCW datasets described here are obsolete. They date from 1992 and were superceded by the VMAP0 and VMAP1 datasetss. More Info
See also a cleaner version of the 1990 County Level Census, from the G. W. Skinner Lab, and which I cleaned up for publication. For more recent county level census (2000 and 2010) we license the data from China Data Center.
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Basic DCW (Digital Chart of the World) GIS datasets have been prepared for use with Robert Hartwell "China Historical Studies" datasets. From the links above, you will find an introduction to the data, a website where DCW data for other countries can be downloaded, and the China datasets that we have prepared as shapefiles.

The China Datasets available from this page have been imported into ArcView and converted into shapefiles, then archived into ZIP files for the convenience of CHGIS users. You will need ArcView software to use the shapefiles listed below.

Description Filename Feature type File size
PRC National Political Boundary prc_boundary lines 300 KB
PRC Cities and Towns (14,000 places) prc_popplaces points 355 KB
PRC Cities & Towns (1,500 places) prc_poppolys polygons 166 KB
Asia Rivers prc_rivers lines 22.8 MB
PRC Roads prc_roads lines 3 MB
Asia Contours asia_contours lines 53 MB

(1) create a folder on your hard drive with an appropriate name, such as "PRCroads"
(2) go to the downloads folder, accessible from the link on upper right side of this webpage
(3) download the appropriate ZIP archive to your local drive by "right-clicking" your mouse on the link, and SAVE TARGET AS, then select the location on your hard drive for the download
(4) after the download is complete, use WINZIP to unzip the archive and EXTRACT the files into the folder that you created in step 1, above. Make sure that the item "USE FOLDER NAMES" on the lower left is NOT CHECKED before extracting files.
(5) open ArcView and choose ADD DATA button, then browse to the folder mentioned above. double-clicking on the folder name should open the data in ArcView.

Your questions and comments are welcomed. Please contact us at the email address below.

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