China Historical GIS Version 4 [Jan 2007]

V4 special thanks to:

Michael Brose (Univ of Wyoming) - for the Hartwell photo
Susan Foster (Harvard IQSS) - for herding cats with such generosity
Michael Fuller (UC Irvine) - for reviving the Hartwell Biographical Database
Guoping Huang (Harvard CGA) - for ArcGIS wizardry
Bill Hays (Harvard Univ Herbaria) - for helping build GIST
Susan McHone(Harvard Asia Center) - for paying the bills
Dave Siegel (Harvard Office of Information Systems) - for CGA server and GIST help

software used in V4 production:

ArcGIS 9.2 - GIS data
ArcView 3.2 - GIS data
BabelPad 1.93 - Unicode editing
Cocochino Encoding Converter 2.1 - converting GBK to Unicode
Context 0.98 - HTML editing
IrfanView 3.99 - graphics editing
MapInfo 6.0 - GIS data
MapServer (Univ of Minnesota) - webmapping
MS ACCESS - database distribution format
MySQL - the workhorse database for the project
Photoshop 6 - graphics

Design, Graphics, and scripting for this CD-ROM package by