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The China Historical GIS project is an international collaborative effort made up of research and technical teams, a management committee, and an advisory committee. The research teams are responsible for compiling the base datasets of historical administrative units. The technical teams are responsible for the digitization, coding, and organization of the spatial data into GIS. The management committee is responsible for the funding, publication and distribution of the CHGIS data products. The advisory committee provides both vision and oversight.

If you would like to submit a proposal for collaborating with us, or have any other comments on the project, please feel free to contact the management committee by email, or write us c/o:

China Historical GIS
Harvard Yenching Institute
Vanserg Hall
25 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

Participating Institutions:

Griffith University

Fudan University

Harvard University

Russian Academy of Sciences

Management Committee:

Committee Chair: Peter K. Bol
Dept of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Harvard University

Committee Member and Project Manager: Merrick Lex Berman
Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University

Committee Member: Lawrence Crissman
Department of International Business and Asian Studies, Griffith University

Committee Member: Jianxiong Ge
Center for Historical Geography, Fudan University, Shanghai

Committee Member: Mark Henderson
University of California, Berkeley

Committee Member: Zhimin Man
Center for Historical Geography, Fudan University, Shanghai

Founding Committee Member: G. William Skinner
Regional Systems Analysis Project, University of California, Davis

Committee Member: Xiaofeng Tang
Historical Geography Research Institute, Peking University

Former Member:Helena Kolenda
Luce Foundation

Advisory Committee:

Research Team at Fudan University:

Historical Researchers:

  • Wenchu Wang

  • Yilin Zou

  • Xiugui Zhang

  • Yongfu Zhao

  • Linshu Qian

  • Jianxiong Ge

  • Linxiang Fu

  • Zhimin Man

Project Assistants:

  • Xiao Feng

  • Weidong Wang

  • Jiahua Wang

  • Peng Zuo

  • Xianliang Feng

  • Jia Si

  • Chunyan Liu

  • Yuxue Ren

  • Yushang Li

  • Wei Yu

  • Weizhong Chen

  • Lirong Zhang

  • Juan Lin

  • Lei Zheng

  • Hui Zhou

  • Xiaoyun Zhou

  • Li Zhao

  • Yun Zhao

  • Biheng Zhu

  • Hong Guo

  • Zhonghuai Huang

  • Ning Chang

  • Feng Sheng

  • Weidong Lu

Research Team at Russian Academy of Sciences:

  • Irina Merzliakova
    Institute of Geography

  • and with fondest memories of our colleague Alexei Karimov, who passed away in 2004
    Institute for the History of Science and Technology