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working with CHGIS data in ArcExplorer

How to open GIS files

How to search GIS files

How to Open Files

How to Search

  • To search for a keyword or value in ArcExplorer, first make sure the layer to be searched is active in the layer bar, by clicking on it, then go to TOOLS | FIND, or click on the FIND icon.

  • in the FIND FEATURES dialog box, enter a text string to search for (ArcExplorer does not handle numeric values)
  • select a search type
  • the active layers will be listed in the THEMES TO SEARCH box. click on the layer(s) you want to search
  • click FIND

  • results of the search will be presented in the lower box, where you will be prompted to pick a feature. First move or resize the FIND FEATURES dialog box so that you can see the Map View at the same time. Then click on the feature you want to view, and one of the selection options: HIGHLIGHT, PAN TO, or ZOOM TO. Any of these actions will help to locate the selected spatial object in the Map View.