Living and Housing Information

Accommodations in graduate residence halls are available. In addition, there are approximately 1,500 apartments available for graduate students in Harvard-owned buildings. Applications may be obtained from the Harvard University GSAS Housing Office, which also maintains a list of available private rooms, houses, and apartments in the vicinity.

The 2008-09 on campus housing (residence halls) rates range from $5,322 to $8,358.

The Biophysics Program maintains a dual-campus orientation in the neighboring cities of Cambridge and Boston. Their proximity provides for a wide range of academic, cultural, extracurricular, and recreational opportunities, and the large numbers of theaters, museums, libraries, and universities in the area contribute to enriching the scientific and cultural life of students.

Because New England is compact in area, it is easy to reach countryside, mountains, and seacoast for winter and summer sports or just for a change of scenery.

For more information about Cambridge, take a look at the City of Cambridge Home Page.

For more information about Boston, try Boston Online or

Get the M2 Shuttle Schedule here (shuttle service between the Cambridge and Boston/Medical School Campus-free with student ID).

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