Financial Support

All students accepted into the Biophysics program, whether citizens of the United States or foreign nationals, are guaranteed full financial support throughout their years as a graduate student. For the first two years of study, financial support derives from fellowships from Harvard University or the National Institute of Health Training Programs. In the third year and above, support will be provided by a student's dissertation advisor. Continued support is contingent on satisfactory progress towards the Ph.D. degree.

Students accepted for the Fall of 2013 will receive full tuition and health insurance of $42,036 and an annual stipend of $33,600 ($28,000 for a ten month period starting Sept, 2013). This stipend is increased yearly, as of July 1st, to offset the higher cost of living. Outstanding students often win outside fellowships from the National Science Foundation, NDSEG, or the Hertz or Ford Foundations. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for these fellowships in their senior year of undergraduate study, or within their first year of graduate study.

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