Amanda Papakyrikos


Amanda Papakyrikos
Research Assistant

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Research Interests

Interests: dental and skeletal development, life history reconstruction, and dental microstructure.

I am an undergraduate, majoring in Anthropology and Biology, at Wellesley College where I am working with Dr. Adam Van Arsdale of Wellesley College and Zachary Cofran of the University of Michigan to study limb proportions in early Homo erectus.

I am interested in dental and skeletal development, environmental influences on these processes, and life history reconstruction.

Past Research/Fieldwork

In 2009, I worked with Dr. Jeremy DeSilva of Boston University to describe and analyze the morphology of a 1.9 myr distal tibia from Koobi Fora, Kenya. Recently, I worked in Dmanisi, Georgia, excavating the site’s Lower Pleistocene deposits. Currently, in the Dental Hard Tissue lab, I am studying enamel thickness in macaques and tooth eruption in chimpanzees.