Dr. Alexandra Houssaye
Postdoctorial Research Associate

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Research interests:

Tooth virtual histology (to get life history traits), Bone microanatomy and histology (for paleoecological studies), Squamate evolution.

Past research:

My research focused on bone microanatomy and histology of squamates and on its morphofunctional, paleoenvironmental and phylogenetic significance. I analyzed both extant and fossil taxa as extant material was particularly useful for inferences on fossils. I have also anatomically described or re-described fossil specimens.

Current research:

I have now started, in association with Drs. Tanya Smith and Paul Tafforeau, to study hominid tooth virtual histology. The aim is to obtain data about the evolution of the life history of these taxa, and notably via the analysis of the temporal record of their dental development.