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Bernard Bailyn, Director


Seminar in Transatlantic History - History 6322-501


Dr. Douglas W. Richmond - richmond@uta.edu
University of Texas at Arlington - Fall 2001

I. This seminar will focus upon Southwestern and Mesoamerican history within the context of transatlantic encounters. Iberian efforts to establish transatlantic societies, economies, and governments within a Latin American environment will be the principal emphasis. Students will also analyze historiographical interpretations concerning the varieties of transatlantic encounters between Europe and the Americas. Academic plagiarism and dishonesty will not be tolerated.

The major requirement for this course is writing a research paper that conforms to high standards of thorough research, analytical rigor, and imaginative analysis. By utilizing primary sources at UTA or other research possibilities in the area, students will prepare original studies with a minimum length of 25 pages. After each student has selected a topic, close consultation and revision of drafts will characterize the bulk of the semester. If you require an accommodation based on disability, I would like to meet with you during the first week of the semester to establish procedures.

II. Grading Policy:
Presentation of Topic 10 points
Presentation of Research 10 points
Submission of Draft 30 points
Final Submission 50 points
Total: 100 points

III. Assigned Texts:
1. Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers
2. Paul Butel, The Atlantic

IV. Discussion Topics and Writing Deadlines

Week 1 - 29 Aug. - Introduction: Historiogaphy
Week 2 - 5 Sept. - Special Collections
Week 3 - 12 Sept. - Presentation of Writing Topics
Week 4 - 19 Sept. - Individual Research Begins
Week 9 - 24 Oct. - Presentation of Research Results
Week 13 - 21 Nov. - Submission of FIRST DRAFT
Week 14 - 28 Nov. - Drafts returned for Revision
Week 15 - 5 Dec. - Deadline for submission of Final Draft

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