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"Using the Anthropological Literature E-Resource" a guide to the many features of the Anthropological Literature e-resource. It also includes tools to assist users in understanding and utilizing the resource to its fullest extent.
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Internship + Fieldwork Opportunities

Please note:
1.) Other than field schools given through the Harvard Summer School, by listing a field school here we do not necessarily recommend it.
2.) For Harvard students, we cannot guarantee that Harvard/Anthropology will approve academic/concentration credit for a field school. For that to happen, petitions must be submitted to Office of Career Services(OCS)/Office of International Education (OIE).
3.) We recommend that Harvard undergraduate students contact the Head Tutor for Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology or another Harvard program adviser for assistance in evaluating a field school before deciding to enroll.
1.) Other than field schools given through the Harvard Summer School, listing a field school here does not mean that it is recommended.
2.) Harvard undergraduate students should contact advising personnel (anthrouc@fas) in the Department of Anthropology or another Harvard faculty member or program advisor for assistance in evaluating a field school before deciding to enroll. Graduate students should check with their faculty advisors.
3.) For Harvard students, there is no guarantee that Harvard/Anthropology will approve academic credit for any field school other than one given by the Harvard Summer School or one that have received prior approval through the Office of International Education (OIE). For other field schools, petitions for credit may need to be submitted to OIE (http://oie.fas.harvard.edu/).
4) Concerning Anthropology concentration credit, Harvard Anthropology concentrators should check with Anthropology advising personnel (anthrouc@fas.harvard.edu).
5) For Harvard secondary field credit, Harvard students pursuing a secondary field in Anthropology should check with Anthropology advising personnel (anthrouc@fas.harvard.edu). Harvard students pursuing a secondary field in Archaeology should check with the secondary field advisor of the FAS Standing Committee on Archaeology (sca@fas.harvard.edu).

Last updated February 12, 2015.


Internships at the Peabody Museum, Harvard

Due to construction, there will be no formal internship program offered summer 2015. The news has been posted on the website: https://www.peabody.harvard.edu/node/186. There may be some student work available this summer in individual departments and any interested students should contact Catherine Cezeaux. When construction is completed, we will be reinstituting the summer internship program, with special attention towards recruiting more Harvard students. We'll still be offering independent studies in Fall 2015 and again in Fall 2016.

Dumbarton Oaks Summer Internships for Harvard Students
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, in Washington, D.C., is an institute of Harvard University that supports scholarship in Byzantine, Pre-Columbian, and Garden and Landscape Studies.
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Field School Lists

Anthropology and Archaeology Courses at the Harvard Summer School
Note: Grades awarded to Harvard students for completion of these courses are automatically added to their transcripts.
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Institute for Field Research (IFR)

Field schools vetted and approved by a board of directors most of whom are professional archaeologists including Harvard Prof. Rowan Flad.
More information

American Anthropological Association List of Field Schools
AAANET Field Schools

Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin - Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)
AFOB online continues to be one of the foremost fieldwork resources. There are over 250 listings for archaeological projects around the world. Each AFOB listing features a project profile window with icons to provide information on the size of the project, age requirements, and academic credit availability. The listings continue to provide in-depth descriptions of the projects and accommodations, as well as bibliographies and other detailed information.

Has a list of current field schools and other field opportunities.

Harvard Projects

Harvard Summer Program in San José de Moro, Peru

An archaeological exploration of Andean prehistory // Faculty: Gary Urton and Luis Jaime Castillo Butters
San José de Moro is a small village in the Jequetepeque Valley, on the north coast of Peru. In pre-Columbian times it was the site of one of the most important cemeteries and ceremonial centers of the Mochica and subsequent cultures. In 1991, a group of archaeologists began to excavate at San José de Moro and through the years revealed one of the richest archaeological sites in Peru.
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Harvard Summer Program in Ashkelon, Israel
In this program, students conduct fieldwork and collaborate with professional archaeological staff to excavate ancient Ashkelon, one of the most important seaports in Israel and in the eastern Mediterranean. The focus is on methods of stratigraphic excavation, recording, interpretation, and the study of ceramic typology and its applications.
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Harvard Summer Program in Scandinavia

Denmark's second-largest city, Äarhus - founded in the Viking Age - and its modern university host this multifaceted examination of the Vikings. From this vibrant seaside town, we visit numerous archaeological sites and collections throughout Scandinavia and northern Germany, and participate in an archaeological dig connected with an important Viking Age site.
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