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C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, the Stephen Phillips Professor of Archaeology and Ethnology, is familiar with Iran, having worked there from 1967 through 1976. 'I've worked throughout the region - Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan - and of all of them, I like Iran the most. It's the prettiest of them all.' (Staff photo Peter DiCampo/Harvard News Office)

C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky
Stephen Phillips Professor of Archaeology and Ethnology

karlovsk [at]
(617) 496-8162, Peabody Museum 57J

Research and Teaching Interests
The urban process and exchange networks that tie the Near East, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian peninsula, and Central Asia into spheres of economic and political interaction.

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Dartmouth College 1955-1959
University of Pennsylvania 1959-61; 1963-65
Yale University 1961-62

Dartmouth College, '59 B.A.
University of Pennsylvania, '64 M.A.
University of Pennsylvania, '65 Ph.D.(Anthropology)
Harvard University, '70 A.M. (Hon.)
Russian Academy of Sciences ’02 Dr. Sc. (Hon.)

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