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PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to apply for Fall 2015 admission is December 15, 2014.

Graduate Studies in Anthropology

Reflecting its history and continued commitment to an integrated study of all aspects of anthropology, the department’s graduate program is subdivided into two programs: Archaeology and Social Anthropology.

Each special field within anthropology has its own program of study. Within Social Anthropology students also have the opportunity to focus on Media Anthropology or Medical Anthropology. A Master’s degree (MA) is offered only in the Medical Anthropology Program. This MA program is open only to those who already hold a medical degree or an advanced degree in a health profession.

Members of the department of anthropology often coordinate their research with other faculty in the University and encourage their students to tailor programs to their individual interests, drawing on all assets of the University.


Director of Graduate Studies
Mary Steedly

- Professor
- Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
- Social Anthropology Program

steedly@fas.harvard.edu | website
(617) 495-3730 | Tozzer Anthropology Building 212

Graduate Program Administrator
Marianne Fritz
Department of Anthropology
Harvard University
Tozzer Anthropology Building 103 A
21 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge MA 02138
(617) 495-5564
mfritz [at] fas.harvard.edu

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