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Spring 2014 Course Listings
Archaeology Program
Courses for Undergraduates and Graduates
Courses Primarily for Graduates

Social Anthropology Program
Courses for Undergraduates and Graduates
Courses Primarily for Graduates

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Archaeology Course List Spring 2014

Archaeology Tutorials + Courses for Undergraduates and Graduates

A97x Sophomore Tutorial in Archaeology (Group)
Instructor: Quilter

A98xb/99x Junior/Senior Tutorials in Archaeology (Indiv.)
Instructor: Meadow

A1060 Archaeological Science
Instructor: Meadow

A1080 North American Archaeology: Lost Tribes and Ancient Capitals of Native America
Instructor: Liebmann

A1150 Ancient Landscapes
Instructor: Ur

A1182 People of the Sun: The Archaeology of Ancient Mexico (New)
Instructor: Carballo

A1212 The Archaeology of Modern Human Origins: Seminar (New)
Instructor: Tryon

A1470 Darwin’s Lab: Colonial Australia & Anthropological Control (New)
Instructor: Rowlands

AncNrEast 103 Ancient Lives
Instructor: Barjamovic

CultBlf21 Pathways through the Andes
Instructors: Urton/Cummins

Egypt 125 Sex, Gender, and Religion in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Syria-Palestine (New)
Instructor: Williamson

FreshSem 44j Aztecs and Maya
Instructor: Carrasco

Archaeology Courses Primarily for Graduate Students

A2020 GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology
Instructor: Ur

A2056 Household Archaeology (New)
Instructor: Carballo

A2070b Case Studies and Research Proposal Preparation
Instructor: Tryon

A2212 Archaeology of Enlightenment (New)
Instructor: Lamberg-Karlovsky


Social Anthropology Program Course List Spring 2014

Social Anthropology Tutorials + Courses for Undergraduates and Graduates

A97z Sophomore Tutorial
Instructor: Ahmed

A1470 Darwin’s Lab: Colonial Australia & Anthropological Control
Instructor: Rowlands

A1610 Ethnographic Research Methods
Instructor: L. Ralph

A1619 Cinema and Desire: Studio course [aka VES 161n] (New)
Instructors: Castaing-Taylor/Guest

A1632 Contemporary South Asia (New)
Instructor: Kar

A1648 Latin@s Remaking America: Immigration, Culture and Language (New)
Instructors: Carrasco/Parra

A1672 Legal Anthropology
Instructor: Theidon

A1684 Anthropology of Debt: Seminar (New)
Instructor: Kar

A1698 Anthropology of Death and the Afterlife: Seminar (New)
Instructor: Bernstein

A1832br Sensory Ethnography II [aka VES 158bxr]
Instructor: Castaing-Taylor

A1876 Society, Culture, and Modernity in Greece (New)
Instructor: Herzfeld

A1882 The Woman and the Body
Instructor: Greenhalgh

A1890 Making News: Journalists and Media in Comparative Perspective (New)
Instructor: Ibrahim

A1995 Food, Culture and Society
Instructor: Bestor

AAAS97 African and African-American Studies Sohmore Tutorial
Instructor: Martin

AAAS 119x Chocolate, Culture, and the Politics of Food
Instructor: Martin

AAAS 189x Medicine, Culture, and Society
Instructor: Jean Comaroff

AAAS 190x Anthropology of Law: Perspectives from Africa & Elsewhere 
Instructor: John Comaroff

CultBlf 58 Case Studies in the Medical Humanities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Experience of Illness and Healing (New)
Instructors: Kleinman/Jones

Fresh Sem 39m Representation: Visual Culture, Power & Knowledge Production (for freshmen only)
Instructor: Stokes-Rees

South Asian Studies 196 Work and Religion in Modern South Asia
Instructor: Patil

Social Anthropology Courses Primarily for Graduate Students

A2626 Research Design
Instructor: Bestor

A2650b History & Theory of Social Anthropology: Proseminar
Instructor: Subramanian

A2676 Muslims, Islam, and Anthropology (New)
Instructor: Ahmed

A2695 Design Anthropology: Objects, Landscapes, Cities
Instructors: Caton/Doherty

A2722 Sonic Ethnography
Instructor: Karel

A2725 Anthropology and History (New)
Instructors: Subramanian/Brown

A2765 Gender and Conflict: Violence, Militarism and War
Instructor: Theidon

A2785 Theories of Subjectivity in Current Anthropology
Instructor: Good

A2805 Biopolitics
Instructor: Greenhalgh

A2840 Ethnography and Personhood
Instructor: Herzfeld

A2876 New Ethnographies in Anthro of Social/Moral Experience
Instructor: Kleinman

A3200 Dissertation Writing Workshop in Social Anthropology
Instructor: Herzfeld

AAAS 209bNew African Econ./Cultures & Global Implications (New)
Instructors: Comaroff/Comaroff


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