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Fall 2014 Course Listings
Archaeology Program
Courses for Undergraduates and Graduates
Courses Primarily for Graduates

Social Anthropology Program
Courses for Undergraduates and Graduates
Courses Primarily for Graduates

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Archaeology Course List Fall 2014

Archaeology Tutorials + Courses for Undergraduates and Graduates

A98xa Junior Tutorial in Archaeology (Group)
Instructor: Meadow

A1010 Fundamentals of Archaeological Methods & Reasoning
Instructors: Ur/Tryon

A1095 Urban Revolutions
Instructor: Lamberg-Karlovsky

A1130 Archaeology of Harvard Yard
Instructors: Capone/Loren

A1185 The Talking Dead: Archaeology of Death, Burial, and Commemoration (New)
Instructor: Cerezo-Román

A1210 The Archaeology of Ancient China
Instructor: Flad

A1250 The Pyramids of Giza
Instructor: Manuelian

ANE115 Archaeology of the Levant
Instructor: Homsher

ANE117 Biblical Archaeology
Instructor: Homsher

EgyptianAa Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs (1)
Instructor: Manuelian

SW30 Moctezuma’s Mexico: Then and Now
Instructors: Fash/Carrasco

Archaeology Courses Primarily for Graduate Students

A2000 Osteoarchaeology Lab
Instructor: Meadow

A2010ar Materials in Ancient Societies (CMRAE): Ceramics
Instructor: Lamberg-Karlovsky

A2110r Issues in Mesoamerican Archaeology: Ritual & Power in Mesoamerica
Instructor: Fash/Cummins

A2250a Proseminar in Small Scale Societies
Instructors: Flad/Tryon

Egyptian 300 Reading and Research: Old Egyptian or Middle Egyptian Texts
Instructor: Manuelian

Social Anthropology Program Course List Fall 2014

Social Anthropology Tutorials + Courses for Undergraduates and Graduates

A98za Junior Tutorial(s)
Instructors: Various

A1600 Grounding the Global
Instructor: Herzfeld

A1606 Being Asian American: Representations and Realities (New)
Instructor: Yano

A1610 Ethnographic Research Methods
Instructor: Ralph

A1636 Latin American Cities: urban images, landscapes, & citizens (New)
Instructor: Perez

A1640 Language and Culture
Instructor: Harkness

A1658 Law, Culture, and Islam (New)
Instructor: Ahmed

A1804 Tasting Food: Politics, Science, and the Senses (New)
Instructor: Sternsdorff

A1832cr Sensory Ethnography
Instructor: Castaing-Taylor

A1988 Kinship, Citizenship, and Belonging: Seminar (New)
Instructor: Meiu

AAAS108x Exploring Race and Community in the Digital World
Instructor: Martin

AAAS178 Health, Society and Subjectivity in the American Context
Instructor: Ralph

SW 25 Case Studies in Global Health: Biosocial Perspectives
Instructors: Kleinman/Farmer

SW 30 Moctezuma’s Mexico: Then and Now
Instructors: Carrasco/Fash

SW 51 Politics of Nature
Instructor: Subramanian

VES 351hf Film Study Center Non-Fiction Film Workshop
Instructor: Castaing-Taylor

Social Anthropology Courses Primarily for Graduate Students

A2626 Research Design/Proposal Writing
Instructors: Comaraoff/Comaroff

A2650a History & Theory of Social Anthropology: Proseminar
Instructor: Steedly

A2660 Anthropology of Knowledge
Instructor: Herzfeld

A2704 Linguistic Pragmatics & Cult. Analysis in Anthro
Instructor: Harkness

A2722 Sonic Ethnography
Instructor: Karel

A2855 Deep China
Instructor: Kleinman

A3200 Dissertation Writing Seminar
Instructor: Steedly

AAAS209a Africa Rising? New African Economies/Cultures and their Global Implications
Instructors: Comaraoff/Comaroff

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