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Course Catalog

The Office of the Registrar compiles and publishes Courses of Instruction by gathering the information from the department (not individual instructors). All course changes must be brought to the attention of the department's catalog coordinator, Elizabeth 'Penny' Rew. Course information published in the catalog becomes the official basis for the Registrar's records; it affects classroom assignments, examination schedules, and the issuing of course lists and grade sheets.

Elizabeth 'Penny' Rew, Undergraduate Coordinator
William James Hall 352
(617) 495-3814
rew [at] wjh.harvard.edu

Department Classrooms/Reservations
1.) Peabody Museum 14A (seats 50 people)
2.) Peabody Museum 52H (seats 25)
3.) Peabody Museum 56A (seats 15-18)
4.) Peabody Museum 57E (seats 15-18)
5.) Putnam Lab 59D (seats 25)
6.) William James Hall 301 (seats 25)
7.) William James Hall 401 (seats 25)
8.) Vanserg 110 (seats 12-15)
9.) Vanserg 112 (seats 12-15)
10.) Vanserg 23 - ARCH LAB

Please Note:

• For the Fall Term, please reserve in June.
• For the Spring Term, please reserve in December.
• Classroom assignments for regular courses are coordinated by Elizabeth 'Penny' Rew and then given to the Registrar.
• Classroom assignments for undergraduate course sections are handled by Marianne Fritz, Graduate Program Coordinator.

Elizabeth 'Penny' Rew, Undergraduate Coordinator
William James Hall 352
(617) 495-3814
rew [at] wjh.harvard.edu

Department Meeting Rooms/Reservations
1.) William James Hall 105 (seats 59)
2.) William James Hall 1550 (seats 20)
3.) Peabody Museum Bowditch Room (seats 20-25)

To reserve The Bowditch Room contact:
Barbara Wiberg, Building Coordinator
(617) 495-2248
bhwiberg [at] fas.harvard.edu

To reserve William James Hall rooms 301 and 401 contact:
Elizabeth 'Penny' Rew, Undergraduate Coordinator
William James Hall 352
(617) 495-3814
rew [at] wjh.harvard.edu

To reserve all other rooms at William James Hall contact:
rooms [at] wjh.harvard.edu

For other classroom reservations on campus, contact:
'Classrooms' at the Registrar’s Office

classrms [at] fas.harvard.edu

It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that rooms are left in order for the next meeting.

Teaching Fellows and Assistants
TFs/TAs become available to faculty when a course’s enrollment exceeds a certain level. Some graduate students have teaching slots guaranteed from the department, and you should contact Marianne Fritz to find out about TFs for your course.


Marianne Fritz, Graduate Program Administrator
William James Hall 360
(617) 495-5564
mfritz [at] fas.harvard.edu

Ordering Textbooks from the Coop
Fax your textbook order or order textbooks online from the Harvard Coop. We recommend doing this well in advance of the term in which the books are needed.

The Harvard Coop
(617) 499-2223
textbooks [at] thecoop.com

Placing Books on Reserve
Required books need to be put on reserve at either Hilles or Lamont Library for Social Sciences or Cabot Library for Natural Sciences. You can also put course materials (books, videos, articles) on reserve at Tozzer Library for students to access.

Books can be placed on reserve at the Hilles and Lamont Libraries by means of accessing the online form at their website: hcl.harvard.edu/info/reserves/

Lamont Reserves: (617) 495-2979
Hilles Reserves: (617) 495-8722
Cabot Reserves: (617) 495-5355

Library e-Resources
Gregory Finnegan (gregory_finnegan [at] harvard.edu), telephone ext. 5-2253, is the librarian assigned to our department, and can work with faculty, teaching fellows and staff assistants who are responsible for developing sourcebooks/coursepacks or course websites.  Together you can make the best use of electronic resources that are already available without fees or charges to our students.
More Information

Ordering Desk Copies
Examination, review, or desk copies of textbooks are provided upon request to instructors who wish to review a text for possible class adoption. You can usually request free Desk Copies via the publisher’s web site or by faxing or e-mailing the Desk Copy Request Form on Harvard stationary noting that the book has been adopted (desk copy) or is being considered for a course (exam or review copy).

An access code is required to use the Department scan/photocopy machines. If you are in the Peabody Museum, go to the Archaeology Program Support Office (PM 58C) to obtain a code or if you are in William James Hall, go to the Social Anthroplogy Support Office (WJH 370) for a code.

Audio/Visual Equipment
If equipment is required for classes held on a regular basis, or film/video projection is needed, instructors can reserve slide projectors or video equipment from Media & Technology Services
Service Request Form

Museum Teaching Displays
Consider incorporating the ethnographic and archaeological collections of the Peabody Museum into your curriculum.

Dr. Diana Loren
(617) 4955-4125
dloren [at] fas.harvard.edu

Dr. Patricia Capone
(617) 4956-3702
pmresearch [at] fas.harvard.edu

Course Web Sites
The Academic Technology Group supports technology-enhanced teaching and learning throughout Harvard FAS. Course websites are generally available at the end of the previous semester (i.e. Fall 2013 websites are available at the end of the Spring 2013 semester). You can access your website here:
Academic Techlology Group

Instructional Lunch Fund
Funds are available from the Office of Undergraduate Education to facilitate regular meetings over lunch (or breakfast, coffee, etc.) between instructors and their section leaders to discuss course-related matters. To be eligible for these funds, a minimum of six meetings must be held each term. Faculty may be reimbursed up to a maximum of $50 per person (including the course head as well as the section leaders) to cover 6-9 meetings per term. Faculty who meet at least 10 times during a term will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $75 per person per semester.

For all departmental courses, submit your receipts to Dotty Lukas in the Finance Office. For General Education courses, contact Nora Imirzian at 5-2563 for reimbursement. FAS Finance has determined that these reimbursements do not have to be submitted within the 60-day deadline: they are “reimbursements paid from an annual research or professional expense allocation”, so they fall under the IRS 3-1 Allowance Reimbursement Exception and may all be reimbursed at the end of the semester.

Please note the following:
• You are responsible for keeping track of the amount you are spending as the semester progresses. The funds are simply a contribution to meals, and may not always cover the full cost.
• These funds are to be used only for regular instructional staff meetings.
• Instructional lunch funds may not be used to purchase alcohol.
• Funding is not available for food during course meetings or sections.

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