Research and Discovery

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is a place of research and discovery unlike any other, where dynamic thinkers and problem solvers connect, collaborate, and lead change into the 21st century. Our faculty members create new understandings, collaborate across disciplines to unlock new fields, and train scores of future leaders in the process. As engines of research and the world’s future thought leaders, our students are equally critical to investigating ideas and fueling breakthroughs. With over 700 faculty members, FAS Faculty make breakthroughs in areas both broad and deep such as the digital humanities, the foundations of human behavior, theater and performance, energy and the environment, quantum science, and our efforts to extend research and discovery through the deployment of “big data” through our Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences—to name just a few.

A sampling of the range of research and discovery at FAS:

RoboBees can perch to save energy

Laser-assisted direct ink writing let a researcher print this delicate 3-D butterfly without any auxiliary support structure.

Printing metal in midair

May 16, 2016

“Flat” and “rigid” are terms typically used to describe electronic devices. But the increasing demand for flexible, wearable electronics, sensors, antennas, and biomedical devices has led a research team to innovate an eye-popping way of printing complex metallic architectures as though seemingly suspended in midair.


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